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Thread: Antifreeze leak driving me nuts

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2012-01-25 01:16:10
if you already had the manifold off that is the most time consuming part.
2012-01-25 23:08:51
I can't get to the bolts on the throttle body side. No room with the transmission, might as well do a clutch change if i gotta take the tranny apart as i don't find another way to get this done.
2012-01-25 23:18:50
How did you get that part off? I had to pull the entire intake manifold to change the hose connected to mine that was leaking.
2012-01-25 23:26:53
My intake manifold its off, so far i only took the end that's on the waterpump side. the other side i haven't taken off cuz there's a bolt that i can't get to as i said before cuz of the transmission being on the way so i might need to take my tranny off in order to replace this part, so might need to order the whole thing along with a clutch and do it all up while i'm at it.
2012-01-25 23:48:21
There is no way the trans should be in the way of anything. you got the side by the waterpump off so there should be a bolt in the middle of those pipes holding it onto the block(or head) and the three long 12's on the side by the trans that holds it to the head.
2012-01-26 03:36:59
Ya dude they trans can stay on for this. Your not doing something right.
2012-01-26 22:26:32
I can't get to the farthest one to the head on the opposite side of the water pump :x idk, i need a new clutch so might as well just do it all at once to get it out of the way.
2012-02-04 16:46:31
Yo Morgan ur inbox is full man get that done kid need to message u.
2012-02-04 19:08:56
all cleared out buddy im sorry my forum donation was up
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