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Thread: Alluminum Exhaust?

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2012-01-20 17:13:02
Local shop in Houston does aluminum exhausts, mostly for competetion vehicles, it sounds really different than other metals though, resonance sounds different in person than on a video. Best thing to do is actually see about getting Oval bent exhaust for ground clearance since alumninum is not nearly as durrable and if it rubs a lot it'll develope holes easily. Just as Ashton said, best to have it at least start where the front crossmember is or about where the CAT starts normally on the car.
2012-01-20 17:21:14
I don't like the sound as much. If it were me that would impact my enjoyment of the car.

I am not sure you need to go that direction since you are gonna cruise and hopefully we will see you using this car a lot in the summer.
2012-01-20 18:40:36
Rob, I was looking into this a while back and I still am. Just need a daily driver so I can park and work on my Turbo project. I love the idea of the weight savings. Just like others said make sure its from the dp back and not a full exhaust from the turbo back. Let me know what you decide to go with as I'll probably be doing something very similar.

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2012-01-20 19:19:08
you can make the dp out of aluminum...just have to use a heavier guage, but there will still be a significant weight savings
2012-01-20 19:42:45
You guys don't know ANYTHING! It is all about the Lead Pipes!

2012-01-20 23:05:22
Project Miatabusa Part 12: Why You Can't Make Aluminum Exhausts, And Why I Did It Anyway
2012-01-20 23:10:32
I used an aluminum system for a DD from 2005-2010. It eventually got a hole in it from the inside to the out. I will never use aluminum again for a daily driven car. Horrible idea. Stainless Steel rocks.

The muffler you posted will be loud and sound tinny.
2012-01-20 23:19:12
I will be building an Aluminum 3.5 inch exhaust for my friends 2.2L SR20VE 20V. We are making small changes to it asn we already have the twin disc clutch so we ar getting ready for the 650-700 WHP mark.

Remember we are at 548 WHP at 19 PSI
2012-01-21 02:26:29
no exhaust is better...
2012-01-21 02:34:01
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
no exhaust is better...

Not for me I will make the Big Hp with a full exhaust, no cutting corners to get the Big Hp.
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