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Thread: pressure test for motor and intercooler pipes with s4 cams

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2012-01-20 01:30:00
pressure test for motor and intercooler pipes with s4 cams
Alright quick story

Last year put in det motor stock cams and pressure test worked good
Put in s4 cams and ran good.
Now took motor out to replace throw out bearing. And now I did pressure test with s4 cams installed and I'm getting no pressure. Would pressurizing the pipes and motor not hold pressure because of the cams? Does it need to be at a certain posistion now? When in boost on the road it's seems fine but just wanna know if the cams would be making me not hold pressure.

My idle on start up is high 1500-1900 and will stay that way even for a long time then if I come to a stop the idle jumps from 1000-2000 back and forth it won't idle fine unless I go on a drive for a lil bit.

i was thinking a leak but Why would it idle ok later?
Any input would help Thanks
2012-01-20 01:56:56
vacuum leak somewhere
2012-01-20 15:22:15
Post up some pictures for some more help
2012-01-20 15:24:57
Even if you have stock cams, there is still some overlap so air can enter and exit the cylinder if the crank is in the right position.
2012-01-20 16:27:40
Alright I'll recheck the pipes and motor. Thanks
2012-01-20 17:24:04
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
vacuum leak somewhere

this. I'd be looking at the hoses that connect to the idle air and around the throttle body. I'm guessing you took off the cold side piping to get the tranny down and missed something when you threw it back together.
2012-01-20 18:35:14
Did you rotate the motor to tdc? If not one of the valves is probably open.

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2012-01-20 20:31:07
Kk I'll check those hoses.

No I didn't have it at tdc but I'll do that as well. Thanks
2012-01-22 03:25:01
Yea tdc is the way to go
2012-01-23 05:34:22
Ok ya tdc is the way to go all good after I found a couple little things and ya I guess i forgot to plug the connector on the iacv doh!
I saw the connector but didn't think it went to anything since i don't have all sensors.

Thanks for the info about Tdc.
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