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Thread: Nismo LSD on a QG18 RS5F70A Gearbox

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2011-12-08 11:21:20
Nismo LSD on a QG18 RS5F70A Gearbox
Will the Nismo LSD (part number: 38420-RS360) for the 32A gearbox bolt-on directly to the QG18 RS5F70A gearbox. I have been told the QG18 70A gearbox uses a different open diff vs a SR20 70A gearbox. Is this true?

If the LSD is not a direct bolt-on what parts do I have to change on the QG18RS5F70A gearbox. The only differences listed in the FSM for QG18 and SR20 70A gearboxes are:

Final gear/pinion teeth count = 71/17 for QG18 70A gearbox and 71/16 for SR20 70A gearbox

Side gear/pinion mate gear = 16/10 for QG18 70A gearbox and 14/10 for SR20 70A gearbox

Do I need to purchase the final gear/ring gear and side gear assembly before I can install the Nismo LSD into my QG18 RS5F70A gearbox?
2011-12-08 12:48:02
I already looked into this and everyone on the other forum said it was a waste but I was going to try to change the bellhousing also to make it work with a sr20 don't tell me u want a LSD for ur qg18 waste of time and money but to each his own Put that money into suspension and brakes
2011-12-08 13:24:38
Suspension - Check
Brakes - Check

You can view my build @ The N16 Files

Looking forward to some answers to my question.
2011-12-09 06:54:54
You will need your current bell housing. Get a P11 transmission and swap the gearstack, final drive, and rear case on. Done.

Only thing you gotta worry about is the difference in axles. Which you may be able to use an SR axle.
2011-12-09 09:23:30
Thanks Coheed. P11 SR20 70A gearboxes are rare where I am (Malaysia). I will bite the bullet and proceed to order the Nismo LSD first. Keeping fingers crossed it will fit. Even the 70A gearbox did not come in the N16s here and I had to procure a used one from Japan.
2011-12-10 01:51:59
The most rare part of the RS5f70V transmission is the back casing. It has the hump to clear the larger LSD unit.

You might be able to piece your own trans together by buying the LSD rear case from the dealer or even perhaps Greg V. This would make sourcing the LSD easy as well.

I don't see why more people don't look into getting the RS5F70A gearbox with non LSD and converting it to LSD with a rear case and LSD swap. Might be cheaper to do that than getting a rare and expensive LSD transmission.
2011-12-10 03:47:33
Thanks for the good alternative suggestion Coheed. I have ordered the Nismo LSD for non-LSD 70A gearbox and will decide the next course of action if it's not plug and play to my gearbox. Am already in contact with Greg regarding the final drive/crown wheel.

The other alternative of course would be to source for a 70V gearbox from Japan. There are more LSD options for the 70V with the likes of Cusco and ATS still carrying Salisbury type LSDs as replacement for the viscous unit found on the 70V.
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