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Thread: lovefab 'quality work'

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2011-12-06 02:17:05
lovefab 'quality work'
Andre O
Hey love fab customers just wanted to show you guys the 'quality work" Cody does and how he treats his customers. I bought a sr20 ss manifold back in 2010 September I didnt recieve it till I think about February 2011, which I was totally fine with, but when I got the manifold I noticed how the flanges were 'flame cut' and not CNC as advertised as per lovefab.net. I took the manifold to my mechanic... and the manifold couldnt even go on my motor because of how shitty the flange is, manifold wasnt even on the exhaust studs and was hitting the oil dip stick. So I called cody right away and said how he would take care of me and build me a new manifold which I felt bad because he was going to loose money at this point, we kept in touch and he said he should have one done and ready to ship in about 3-4weeks. That did not happen and I still havent recieved on yes he went through some tough times with a friend passing and his employees quiting or stealing from him, I was totally understanding and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I called every couple of weeks to know the progress, and he always told me how he would ship me the manifold and I would send him the defective one. November 4 2011, I sent a email to cody requesting what was the status of the manifold, November 5 2011 this is what he told me;

Hi Andre,

I am essentially ignoring the phones in order to get work done. I can only return calls to those who leave voicemails or emails. I will be changing the Voicemail message to reflect this.

The manifold is at about 90% complete. At this point, I am going to ask that you return the manifold that you DO have before I finish and ship this one out.

If this is unacceptable to you, than you can simply drill out the head flange and perform a few minutes of porting, and the manifold that you DO have will function well for years to come.

This newest twist comes after being burned twice this summer in $1600 pieces. I'm done taking the chance.

Cody Loveland
LoveFab, Inc.

Were in December now and still have not heard back from Cody I have left several voicemails and several emails and have never had a reply back. So I sold the manifold for a cheap price due to the defects. I lost money and now have to pay a local to build me a proper exhaust manifold and not a expensive ebay one. Maybe this will get your attention to call me back or reply to my email sucks ity had to come to this but i dont like being fucked over and just wanted to share this experience with your customers and future customers. Here are the pictures as well
lovefab pictures by yungdrver - Photobucket


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2011-12-06 02:25:44
Wow those are horrible flanges. Also I dont know how well the wastegate would even fit on there with that wastegate position, looks like the gate would come right into the turbo and downpipe.


If you would have researched on here about Lovefab you would have found several threads very similar to yours, people not getting their manifolds 6-9 months later, manifolds not fitting correctly and so on

The part about it hitting the dipstick isnt that big of a deal as the dipstick tube can be moved by hand to clear.

But yeah no reason for those crappy flanges. The rest of the manifold looks fine except the flanges and the position of the wastegate flange (possibly).

Again your not the first this has happened to.
2011-12-06 02:38:43
Yeah he sucks, he jerked chapnuts also.

He should be black listed.

2011-12-06 02:41:03
IIRC there was someone selling a love fab which then he kept, because he was told that it will clear his radiator and when he got it it did not clear...

That sucks man, when you pay a reasonable amount of money for something it should be done exactly as advertised...
2011-12-06 02:41:59
He used to do really good work back in the day but even back then people had to wait a while to get their manifolds. You will still see alot of his sidewinder and topmounts floating around for sale every now and then from back in the early 2000's but yeah lately he's been nothing but a pain. Chapnutz1 and a couple others recently went through the same thing.
2011-12-06 02:44:12
yes, i agree with ashton about the flanges...in no way what so ever should they look like that if they are CNC'd as advertised by lovefab...i have 3 manifolds from codey and you can see how the years have progressed his workmanship has gone downhill...my sst topmount fit without any major issues, just reemed out the stud holes and was fine...the flange was nothing like yours though and i got it from a local guy on the forum(who knows how long it took him to get it) my sidewinder on the other hand was a TOTALLY different story...i was very patient with him for about 8weeks(double what he said for time) then i got impatient...he kept telling me he is waiting on flanges, its almost done, then he made it out of the wrong material, then its almost done...then the place he was supposed to get his flanges from hasn't shipped them yet, they sent him garbage flanges...i posted pics of everything when it FINALLY came in about 7 months later and i think only because i threatened to call the police in his town and said i want my money back, then that SOB had the audascity to say 'no, i am not giving you your money back' i was livid...i will NEVER purchase another piece from him, he makes you pay in full, wait WAY TOO LONG, and then when its been three times the time he quotes you for a time frame he wont refund you payment and he quotes you one price and when you pay him it is more money WTF really

in my book he is a piece of shit and i hope he has to close the doors to that dump of a shithole shop he has...fucking scumbag

ooh yeah, when i told him it didn't fit and the stud holes were fucked up he said that it was not possible and no way it is hitting the radiator and that the flange is shitty due to MY lack a patience SMDH
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2011-12-06 02:49:29
she looks great sitting there

these pics tell a different story

pics he sent while he was building it

and i forgot to mention that it was supposed to be 2" ID runners and they are 1 7/8" ID runners SMH, im going to stop now because my blood is starting to boil
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2011-12-06 02:59:27
You ever sell that manifold Chap, i know you had it up for sale for a while or do you plan to modify it to where it clears everything.
2011-12-06 03:01:07
It doesnt even look like your hood will close with the compressor up that high.
2011-12-06 03:05:01
That manifold is sitting on my garage floor waiting for me to stop being a lazy you know what Ashton.
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