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Thread: What kind of alternator (pics now posted)

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2011-12-03 18:16:32
What kind of alternator (pics now posted)
For the past month in a half i've been trying to figure out what kind of alternator is on my ( which i believe is ) bluebird sr20det i tried matching it and comparing it with my buddies 95 200sx ser but his has a clip that plugs into it mine doesn't mine has the wires that are held on by bolts. I need to know asap so i can order one or atleast find one so i can get my car up and running!

Other information that might help: Car is 1997 Nissan 200sx SE-R, JWT ECU & Bluebird SR20DET

I really really appreciate all the help guys thanks!
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2011-12-03 18:33:44
take a picture

all alternators should have the clip you plug in and the terminal post with a nut on it and the ground on the side
2011-12-03 19:12:03
I`ve never even noticed if theres a difference between low port and high port....i wonder....gonna have to compare my high port alty to lynch`s low port alty tomorrow now....LOL
2011-12-03 19:45:47
There may be 1 or 2 tiny differences, but I'm pretty sure they are all the same. I've used Highport, lowport, and FWD KA ones too. The only diffewrence that the KA has is the pulley is a hair smaller. I vote for pics as well.
2011-12-03 20:58:15
The only difference I have noticed between high port and low port alternators is that the low port ones have larger stud on them.
2011-12-03 21:03:50
If it's any help I used a b15 one on my b14 (higher amp)
2011-12-03 22:31:50
and i run a b14 on my b13. b15 is the best one to get though.
2011-12-03 23:54:13
Is that one only from the 2.0 B15? Or will any of the 1.8/2.5 ones work? I'd assume only 2.0, but some alternators interchange easy.
2011-12-04 00:01:48
2.0. really you prolly could make one of the others work. but i don't thinks it's worth it.
2011-12-04 00:05:44
Yeah I wasn't to sure. Never looked into it before. Only one different I've tried was the FWD KA, and that's just because it was all I had.
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