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Thread: Post Actual JimWolfTechnology (ECU) Dyno Results

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2011-12-02 15:42:38
Post Actual JimWolfTechnology (ECU) Dyno Results
So down here,where i live , Hardly has anyone actually hit some high Figures off an Upgraded ECU , mostly because they dont ''believe in them'' , everyone believes in ''Haltech'' or some other Stand alone ECU, observing the SR20 forums ive come to realize that its possible to make good figures with a Jim Wolf Technology ECU, A friend of mines GTIR is my physical proof here but the foreign proof is all over this forum, I already have one for my car but I would like to see some numbers that have been made in the past if you can recall, also the setup had.

I know there are alot of ''stand alone'' guys here now also , please lets just put some figures and not make this an Argument thread it always ends up to be. Since the forum is boring these days with no Coheed updates LOL lets do this.

well i surely know of an Andreas Miko Project with

P12 SR20VE Head
2.2L Bottom
MSD Digital 6 and Coil
JWT 700Hp Lightning MAF 96lbs Program

19 PSI = 543.82 WHP @ 398.46 LB Ft Torque

Boost Only PLS
2011-12-02 15:57:46
This was years ago on my turbo car on a JWT 96lb turbo program.

Pauter rods
Cp 86mm pistons 9:1 comp.
AEBS headstuds
ARP Main studs
King Race bearings
Fully balanced and blueprinted
Underdrive pullies
sr20ve headgasket

Ported and polished
3 angle valve job
Greddy valve springs

Turbo Kit
Custom O2induction Turbo Setup
CaliforniaJay equal length turbo manifold
Custom alternator braket
Precision 750HP intercooler core
Greddy Type R BOV
JWT pop charger
Lightning MAF
Tial 44mm wastegate
N1 throttle body
Howe custom radiator
O2induction intake manifold
Precision 1000cc injectors

398@14 psi on the JWT (dangerously lean in some spots. Raising fuel pressure on these top feeds caused shitty part throttle and decel issues)

457@14 psi on the Nistune realtime tuned, using the JWT base with the bin burned to a Calum basic.
2011-12-02 17:40:37
Here are some of mine from almost year ago with bad fuel pump problem would not rev clean past 7200rpm. The best pull was 466 AWHP@7200rpm with 21psi of boost on 93oct.

1993 Nissan Bluebird Attesa AWD

stock 20v head
N1 cams
Crower rods
JE 86mm pistoms 9.1
Custom intake
long runner turbo manifold
PTE 6765 Billet BB T4 A/R .81

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2011-12-02 21:40:31
scribbles in blue and green there Sealti ...
2011-12-02 21:55:16
Here are a few I can remember with JWT ECU

SR20DET S4 cams, 740cc injs, 300ZX MAF, GT28RS @ 17 PSI with aluminum flywheel 370 WHP and 330 Lb Ft Torque ( ran 11.8 @ 122 MPH ) B13 SER

SR20DET S4 cams 740cc injs, 300ZX MAF, GT2871 @ 20 PSI with aluminum flywheel 420 WHP and 360 LB Ft Torque

SR20DET S4 cams 370cc injs @ 4 bar, Bored MAF, W10 T25 Turbo @ 15 PSI with aluminum flywheel 260 WHP and 270 LB Ft Torque ( ran 12.7 @ 113 MPH ) B14 SER

SR20DET S4 cams 740cc injs, Bored GTIR MAF, GTIR Turbo external wastegate @ 18 PSI with aluminum flywheel 350 WHP with 310 LB Ft Torque ( ran 12.0 @ 117 MPH ) B13 SER
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2011-12-02 22:07:49
Originally Posted by blo0d
scribbles in blue and green there Sealti ...

Don't know why these graphs came out looking like that.
2011-12-03 02:25:40
That looks like a child with free roam in MS Paint lol.

I've seen kindergarten art that looks more composed

I think I may take my car to JWT and have them dyno tune it. Perhaps.
2011-12-03 02:42:18
Lots of people are making great power on Basic daughterboard ecu's. I did 461whp,391wtq on a Calum Basic, 740cc, Z32 maf, JWT S4 cams, on 24psi of boost with a very very rich a/f due to very large boost leak at my 50mm bov o-ring. Only thing i did to the tune was fix the partial throttle and cruising a/f to get better driveability and mileage. WOT part was left alone. Made alot more than that on the same ecu but never dynod after the aftermarket intake manifold w/ Q45 TB and 30psi of boost. Id guestimate in the 530-550whp range easily by how the car ran and by how much i was gaining per psi on the dyno.

Simple built motor, rwd ebay tubular manifold, Garrett t3 60 trim w/.82 turbine housing. Car went 11.1@132 on stock intake manifold and 24psi of boost and then went 7.1@108mph in the 1/8th on 30psi and aftermarket manifold.

The basic ecus might not be the best thing out there for big power but for the most part from what ive seen, if you have an efficient setup they are very conservative tunes and perform pretty well and are reliable.

Im now on an AEM ems mainly because of my current power goals and wanting to have full control.
2011-12-03 05:17:49
my friend has a b13 tuned on jwt making mid 500hp but his car is built and i think he also fine tuned his jwt with an afc if i can remember
2011-12-03 06:05:26
Disco @ 13psi
S3 cams / DET engine
Jwt ecu

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