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Thread: trouble shooting ideas?

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2011-11-21 14:10:21
yeah, thats on order....they didnt have any at the zone when i went. i did check it. it didnt look BAD, but id didnt look good either. i dunno. lol.
2011-11-22 17:34:28
swapped coil, dizzy and ignitor, cleaned the aac valve, checked for leaks.....only thing i havent looked at yet is the iacv. MAYBE its dirty. but STILL runs like crap. checked the voltages on the tps wires....everything is perfect there, and also the checked the maf for bad ground....its fine too.
2011-11-23 03:17:54
you can put the car under load and be under the hood. Pull the parking brake or hold the brake and give it some gas...no biggie. What's the gap and temp on your plugs. Just because your plugs are black doesn't mean that it's not leaning out coming into boost. Try putting a brand new set in and take it out and then pull the plugs and see what they say. You are running premium right? Your girlfriend hasn't put gas in it lately?
2011-11-23 03:54:01
Sounds crazy but my girls car ....ga16 ....we switched injectors and after that it ran rich as shut...fouled plugs after 15 20 min....but idled great and ran great untill it warmed up...the ran rough as shit...it was her coolant temp sensor....now my det wldnt idle under 2k and missed when driving because of the same thing...just food for thought
2011-11-23 05:03:16
i had considered the coolant temp sensor. i have a motor with all KNOWN good sensors. ill be switching them after tonight, i plan on installing my walbro in a few minutes.

its not related to the plugs. this isnt a existing problem.....something broke. ive been driving it for 2 months, putting nearly 500 miles a week on it. i use premium. nobody but me drives this car. the miss is a across the board miss. not a 1 cyl thing, you can FEEL it.....if you know what i mean. its an even stumble, not a 1 cyl missfire. floor it, and it starts to run much better, partial throttle is a nightmare, and under 25% throttle it fine. as i have been a cheap ass for a while.....2 gallons of gas in the car at a time, i think i overheated the fuel pump. a weak fuel pump DOES apparantly disturb the spray pattern, which causes poor atomization. which can account for the black plugs, and ALL 4 are black by the way. if the pump doesnt do it, ill also throw in a new filter. but other than that, theres not much that could do this. i will know shortly.
2011-11-23 05:04:30
and they are BKR 6es i believe. id run 7s, but you have to order them them these days. they work for the time being.
2011-11-23 12:15:07
you should run 7's or even 8's considering you are running on the factory ecu and not tuned for boost. You can check your cts fairly easy, cup of cold water and hot water. Back probe an ohm meter on the terminals and be sure that it rises or falls steadily and doesn't jump all over the place or stay at a constant resistance.
2012-02-11 07:47:59
what was it? Just curious?
2012-02-16 23:38:53
your selling it so I wanted to know if it still had this issue???
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