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Thread: BOV Preference

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2011-11-26 14:46:25
Originally Posted by veilside180sx
JGS w/o a doubt

How's the sound on those? Any compressor surge?
2011-11-28 18:14:44
Originally Posted by tsuruser
Had the "eBay" greddy type s knock off and had leaking issues then replaced the diaphragm but two screws broke in the aluminum housing so I just bought a used "real" greddy type rs and set it as a blow threw and problem solved ! It was easy to set up and adjust and sounds nice too ! My old rx-7 had a hks and like others said its too high pitched whistle sounding I disnt mind it too much as the rotory was loud enough on a 3" dump pipe and no exhaust lol. Greddy bov's used can be had for $80-100 so check eBay or Craigslist .

BTW if your in the market for a bov you can have my knock off greddy type s for $20 shipped as its fixed now .


I have a knock off type s now it works but wanted to get name brand so i dont have to worry bout the issues later. i found a used greddy rz for 100 so i was thinking of getting that. also found a turbonectics raptor for the same price
2011-11-28 18:38:08
Originally Posted by blairellis
How's the sound on those? Any compressor surge?

I had no surge with either of mine. I had mine recirc'd since they were the older models.
2011-12-22 22:57:33
used is the way to go if you want cheap
2011-12-22 23:05:28
Originally Posted by cblair1
used is the way to go if you want cheap

Yeah I know that now I ended up buying a used turbonetics for 50 works much better then my new knock off greddy
2011-12-22 23:08:22
2011-12-23 00:01:24
If you like your car DON'T !!! Buy or support any knock off parts. Not only are they killing real manufactures off they are making a WAY WAY sub par product that may hurt more than your saving in money... ESP turbos and wastegates. I just saw at the PRI show Turbosmart was knocked off on there wastegate design by some scrub Chinese. Omlany X05 or something sad shame.
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