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Thread: Car wont crank

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2011-11-07 23:01:41
Picture update----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Found this loose today when taking the starter out to get it tested, it looks like it travels together with a coil plug but i dont see where to plug it
2011-11-08 00:17:05
looks like the one that goes under the distributor and over to the ignitor chip. Another thing to always check when you get power but no crank is the clutch interlock switch.
2011-11-08 01:03:28
Where would i find the clutch interlock switch? I just tested out the starter at autozone and its good it passed 3 times no pfoblems
2011-11-08 10:49:34
DOH! i always forget about the clutch switch it's on the clutch pedal....it's what says the clutch is pushed in so the starter will ingage....alot of people just wire around it....like i did
2011-11-11 17:53:07
Just took a look down there and found my problem. However i also found out that they had done like a u with the cables. The cables are cut half way and they are tied as follows:

Black and orange with white stripes in both ends so the negative doesnt follow the negative after being cut.

With that beind said, should i just re connect the end that got separated or correct it and connect it as its supposed to be connected.

I dont know what effects this weird connection has so not sure on my next step
2011-11-24 23:44:24
Checked everything and still wont crank the clutch switch is bypassed so no worries on that but i hear a weird beeping sound coming from tge drivers side vent, around that area, it sounds like a bad relay but i dont know how to test the relays.

The sounds goes like: beep-beep (1sec gap) beep-beep and so on, even without being in the switch it sounds like that an it wont stop so i had to disconnect m battey.

Any ideas what this could be? Any help will be appreciated.
2011-11-25 00:19:44
ground cable? i did a clutch on my turbo car once and missed a ground and everything would come on and i could pop te clutc but the etarter would not work at all.
2011-11-25 00:23:50
I checked all the ground cables they all in right
2011-12-16 18:37:26
Ok, small update. my car got to crank, the problem was the alarm relay which went bad making my car not start. so any1 with the same problem pls check this, it is right by the clutch on the left wall behind the cover.
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