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Thread: Car wont crank

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2011-11-03 23:20:28
Car wont crank
After replacing my blown t25 for a good working one my car now doesnt crank. Anything to double check?
2011-11-04 01:08:08
check the battery, the terminals, all other connections. maybe something didnt get put back right.
2011-11-04 01:28:28
yeah, I'd even look at the starter to see if that got connected. Or check your fuses.
2011-11-04 01:41:42
If while you were taking your turbo manifold and stuff off, if you hit your wrench on the alternator post, you need to check your fusible links.

Thats the only thing i can think of that you could have done during a turbo change.

If it just soo happens that it doesnt want to start check your clutch switch to make sure its being depressed all the way, check the connections to the starter and battery and so on.

Im gonna guess fusible link though.
2011-11-04 16:22:04
check these 1st

1.Are you getting spark
2. Did you unplug your coil wire or mix it up with your o2 plug
3.Is your maf plug in or out
4.Ground wire
2011-11-04 20:11:00
Are you getting power and not cranking over or just no power at all or not enough?
2011-11-04 20:21:39
I get good power but it just wont crank, i played around with the distributor a bit and double checked the cables but they r all good
2011-11-04 21:11:43
did you check all your fuses and fusible links?
did you ground anything out while changing the turbo?
did you remove the ground from the battery to the engine to the chassis or is it loose?
is battery powerful enough to light up the dashboard but not powerful enough to turn the car over? (the weather is getting cold never know)
2011-11-04 21:47:40
It`s gotta be one of the things mentioned above....that pretty much covers everything that makes the starter go....except the ignition itself but that stop working that quick with no signs before would be kinda weird....i`d start at the starter and work through the stuff above and i`m sure you`ll find the issue.......you try the screwdriver trick on the starter the make sure it`s still good? not the best test but it can be done in the car
2011-11-06 14:39:45
Hmm im gonna finish putting the exhaust in today in a bit, and i will try all of the above and i will probably get a battery test done just to be on the good side. i will get back with answers tonight.
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