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Thread: Just starting out

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2011-11-01 20:12:09
Originally Posted by Vadim
QUiKSR20 is right.

Lets start with a basic list.

$900 SR20DET with Turbo (T25, Manifold, Injectors)
$50 - New fuel rail (yours will be bent)
$100-200 - Downpipe for turbo
$200-400 - 2.5" to 3" exhaust
$100 - Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
$100 - FMIC
$100 - Intercooler Piping
$100 - Couplers, t-bolt clamps, etc.
$100-$550 - ECU: NismoTronic & Nemu, Calum Basic, Calum Real Time, Nistune, oem SR20DET
$70 - Prothane Motor Mounts (or you will have major wheel hop that kills our transmissions).
$300 - Clutch/Pressure plate/throwout bearing
$0-100 - MAF (OEM maf good for 250whp).
$100 - New fluids, Engine Oil, Coolant, GL4 Gear Oil ($10 per bottle usually), Power steering fluid.
$100 - New Brakes, would be stupid not to upgrade your brakes with so much more horsepower.
$100-$300 - Gauges: Boost, Oil PSI, Wideband
$200 - New Quality Slim Fans (SPAL), unless you can squeeze stock fans in!

New suspension is highly suggested, stiffer suspension can help overcome wheel hop too.

At the end of the day though, expect a big grin on your face because your car turned from something slow to something fairly fast and fun to drive.

EXACTLY!!! Its def a whole new car and very fun to drive!

I did all the above Vadim mentioned + new front and rear main seals, some new oem tune up parts, expect a dented oil pan as well as the fuel rail issue mentioned above.. Youll find lots of things in the engine bay that will grab your attention once the motors out and everything is right there in the open. Its a fun project and the reward is def worth it But im def over 6k so far and its a basic T25 setup ( it was done right ) but the prices do ramp up quick.
2011-11-01 20:19:49
Added some more things to the list
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