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Thread: stock w11 on awd b13 dyno results

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2011-10-30 17:50:04
stock w11 on awd b13 dyno results
so my 377awhp gti-r engine in my gts b13 lifted the headgasket so i decided to inspect and do a full rebuild since i never open up the engine jus bolted up parts here is pic of the engine bay with the gti-r

so while my engine is being build i picked up a w11 sr20det dropped it in the car and was wondering how much i would be able to put out on the stock turbo so i jacked in my aem ems and changed the stock 370cc for some 520cc injectors and went to the dyno lastnight this is what i ended up with

engine bayshot

232 awhp 253 torque spiking to 14psi and tapering to 11psi
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2011-11-07 01:54:04
Thats on t25?

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2011-11-07 02:06:20
I believe he is using a t25, but is it bb or journal ?
2011-11-07 02:36:34
Id say really good numbers, considering its awd!
2011-11-07 03:54:58
That's like, 60whp over a WRX, so I'd say its pretty good. Should be able to run with the STI at that power level.
2011-11-07 14:31:58
its a bb t25 my tuner said if we could have gotten the boost to hold at 16psi we could have squeeze a little more out of it that is spiking at 14 and tapering to 11psi i actually ran a gc8 sti and from the launch i was out in front and he never gain on me
2011-11-25 06:11:23
Nice! I got an awd b13 with vvl and gt35 i dint go to dyno but i hope se good results.

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2011-11-25 11:30:55
u will be hitting 400 plus awhp once tune right i made 377awhp with gt3076r and had lots more room to tune and raise boost so u should clear some good numbers
2011-11-25 16:10:44
Those are the same numbers I made on my t-25
2011-11-26 16:41:19
How much power will the drive train hold?
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