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Thread: temp readings for the coolant

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2011-10-27 21:13:45
temp readings for the coolant
Got a stock sr20det coming off a bluebird in my 93 infinity g20 and i noticed the temp of the coolant varies from 150 to 210 depending on my driving. Is this a normal temp change for a stock turbo ar20det? Only running 9 psi and it has a koyorad radiator.

This is my first turbo car so is dont jnow much about how things are supposed to run yet
2011-10-27 23:09:13
if you have an aftermarket gauge on one of the radiator hoses specificly the lower radiator hose then yes. You will see large temperature changes depending on driving, whether your crusing, or stopped for long periods of time.

The stock temp sensor reads the temp of the coolant basicly just after the water pump and whats going through the head.
2011-10-28 22:24:52
only 210? sounds good to me!
2011-10-28 23:15:50
Ya it varies depending where it is. I have mine coming out of the head. It's tapped into the outlet going to the radiator.
2011-10-29 01:17:38
sounds like you may not have a thermostat, or it is stuck open
2011-10-29 03:46:55
You will see temps even slightly higher then that in a turbo car again depending on driving habbits like hot days I traffic ect ect. You'll prob see upwards of 215-220 . Stock rad will deffenetly get hotter on a boosted car . I personal have my gauge sensor tapped into the thermistat housing and my after market gauge in the stock location to keep an eye on the temps going into the head so I know how the rad is performing and weather to switch fans on manual . Now not to get off subject but my set up is a mezerrie electic pump and big koyo rad and I see 185-195 in traffic on hot days with the fans on and 160 to mid 170s on the highway cruising along. Also what fans are you running ?
2011-10-29 06:21:47
Those temps are nice, but lower than normal engine operating temps (expected by the ECU)? On my OBDII motor I would get a CEL in this case...

I run a Koyo R1977 and Mishimoto slimfans.
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