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Thread: sr 20 de-t gearbox

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2011-10-27 18:50:39
The 6 speed is very strong Rob. Again the gearstacks and rear case are the same as the Evo MR 6 speed and they seem to hold up to about 600-700awhp in a big heavy full interior evo before they start to break teeth on 3rd or 4th gear. 1st and 2nd gear are absolutely massive. In our lighter cars they should hold up to 700-800whp for quite some time.

Also wheel hop is a killer for the teeth on the 6 speed boxes. High hp evos running on street tires will wheel hop like a mother on the strip if not driven properly or without proper suspension. The 700awhp evo that i raced in my vids actually wheel hopped on his last run hitting 2nd too quick and chipped a tooth on 2nd gear and had some whining in 2nd. But the rest of his gears held up to the 7-8 runs he did that night.

Anyways its worked great for me soo far. That mixed with the 85w140 valvoline gear oil. Ive done some pretty hard quick shifts on the street with it even hit 5th hard and then just lit the tires up in 5th pounding the rev limiter when i was testing out 35psi on the t67 h.o. Took it no problem. That and all the tuning runs on the street on slicks probably for about 4-5 hours straight before i went to the track. Then the 8 runs i had at the track, 1.61 60ft, Getting tire shake in every gear from the slicks trying to rip loose.

The 6 speed is the ultimate way to go in the end but it does cost some money to completely do the swap. Shep also has a billet 3-5 gear option that soo far has proven itself in their 850awhp drag car and a 550awhp road course car. A cheap alternative that will hold even more.

Again try the 85w140 Valvoline man and I can almost gurantee you the b13/b14 box will last much longer than your last boxes. It wont be bullet proof or anything but you will notice the difference in shift quality and cusioning of the gears.
2011-10-27 18:56:23
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
The 4 door B14 is a NA car if my mind serves me right.

As for Ashton and Coheed they are or atleast we think (right Ashton? LULZ) making power that a regular box can hold.

lol, tell coheed that, he went through a crap ton of b13/b14/b15/p11 gearstacks before making the switch and soo far not a single problem. Problem with coheeds car is the weight of his car. Its a full interior se-l, heavy and making 450+whp

Again my car is light so its not going to be as stressful on the gears especially on the street because it just lights the tires up in 3rd and 4th before full torque is applied to the gears. However ive had full traction on the dragstrip with the b13 box w/ 99 p11 gearstack after switching to the 85w140 and had full power down in all gears at 30psi from the 60 trim and no problems but who knows how long it would have lasted.

The 3 gearstacks that I broke in 3 months after switching to the twin disk setup were all on the street doing quick shifts into 3rd and 4th. It was the shock of the shift on the non forgiving street tires that broke them. Ive yet to break one rolling into the throttle in any gear as again, it just rips the tires loose. It was always the harsh shift. However again, after the 85w140, i did the same quick shifts into 3rd and 4th gear on the street and had yet to break that last gearstack. So its up in the air man. All i know is the 6 speed is proven stronger and although isnt bullet proof but for our cars no reason it shouldnt last a long long time of abuse.
2011-10-27 19:24:49
Slightly off topic. Is the 85w140 gear oil synthetic? Does it eat seals? Is there a point in using it on a stock ve?

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2011-10-27 19:29:15
You can get it in synthetic but i use the conventional as there is no need for the synthetic. As for a stock ve. No, not recommended as you will probably have a slight power loss to the wheels because the oil is much thicker than your normal 75w90. Its not gonna have the viscosity the thinner oils have and is gonna rob a bit of power.

N/A you should not have a problem with breaking stock gearboxes. If you break a gearbox n/a your not doing something right. lol. other than cracking a case which that can happen from wheel hop but as far as breaking gearstacks. Not gonna happen n/a. Torque is what will break the gears more than hp will.
2011-10-27 20:13:02
I cleaned Utah out of p11 and b15 gear boxes. There are very very few still around in our state, and people are keeping them away from me

I broke a lot of them, but finding the QG18 stacks was my savior. They are a direct swap in the P11 transmission if you ever break them. Easy to find and cheap.
2011-10-27 23:58:55
thanks guys. ok i gonna go b15 box.
2011-10-28 00:00:59
thats the car in caribbean drags Grenada. thats was a sr18de box with lsd.

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2011-10-28 18:30:51
Whoa...dude in the lancer was prolly like what the ass i seeing here...hahaha
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