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Thread: possible turbo option??

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2011-10-23 13:04:12
possible turbo option??
ever since i got my avenir swap installed i have never had the car on the road for more than a day im constantly runing into cooling issue and the car needs a bad tune. Im hoping that once i change the radiator system back to oem and run a step harness with the avenir ecu that the car will run fine but my new mechanic who trying to get the car into running condition thinks it may be a lemon motor. the motor is out of warranty and im out 900 bucks for a car i havent even gotten to drive. they guy who sold me the motor told me he would give me an sr18 if it is a bad motor for all my troubles. Just wanted to know has anyone every tried to boost and sr18, what do i need to do to boost, are the parts interchangeable with sr20 parts, and what kind of power could i make on a stock block??
2011-10-23 16:26:59
SR18 suck. Get a G20 motor or something. They are cheap enough at the junk yard. The SR18 has smaller pistons and smaller valves iirc. I'm no expert. I would stick with SR20.
2011-10-23 17:24:31
also the block is a very different design than the sr20 or even the sr16.
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