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Thread: Stock sr20de+t-25+-85=win

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2011-10-12 06:35:22
Stock sr20de+t-25+-85=win
Just thought I'd share about a car my bother and I finished just now.
It is a bone stock sr20de just tapped.
T-25 out of a 300zx bb manifold external gated
E-85 550 Inj
Blue line is 10psi pump gas 93 low timing for the higher boost that was to come.
Red is the same boost (e-85 was poured into the tank 5gallons)just adjusted the afr to safe levels,everything else stayed the same.gains alone was from the e-85
Green is high boost it bleed down turbo could not keep up.
Next will be some cams and upgrade the 2.5 downpipe to a three. He will be slapping on a big juice turbo later on.
Thanks to my brother for always helping.


The previous owner of this turbo is my close friend and he did 12.4 at 114 mph on 205-50-15 drag radials granny shifting into third due to it grinding nasty. 2.0 60 ft times, full body car all accessories in it.
I'm guessing 11.7-.8 with this car. We'll findout soon after the cam install
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2011-10-12 07:00:11
330 tq ftw
2011-10-12 07:22:54
Damn impressive.
2011-10-12 07:25:00
Thats an insane amount of power on a t25, lol Bet it hauls. The e-85 must do a hell of a job cooling those high intake air temps from a t25 at that much boost. What boost level were you guys running up that high. I know after 14psi on my car on pump gas with bb t25, tubular manifold, s4 cams but internal gated it just kept detonating and that was with low timing, richer a/f at about 11.4:1. The external gate helps but that e-85 is doing its job in preventing detonation. I have been there done that with a t25, breaking 4 motors over the course of about 2 years cracking ring lands. I said screw it and went to the t3 setup because i wanted power. My car went 12.4@110mph on slicks on only 8psi of boost from the t25 never ran on higher boost level than that except one time spiking 17 dropping to 15 and put a hole in the piston at about the 1000 ft mark and let off and still coasted to another 12.4@99 mph.

I was just tired of blowing up motors trying to go faster so T3 solved that problem and had zero issues.

I hope he doesnt plan on putting the cams in there on the t25 and retrying for more. One of the reasons he probably could get away with that much boost and that much backpressure was because of the low overlap of the stock cams. S4's will make that problem worse. S4's work awesome for making great power on lower boost levels with the T2's.

All in all insane numbers Gio, if you can answer some of the questions id appreciate it. It interests me very much as I struggled with the T2's for the longest time but we dont have e-85 where i live so that wasnt even an option.
2011-10-12 11:56:36
Good shit. E85 can do some crazy shit on boosted set ups. The Evo guys usually pick up around 80wwhp on similar tests. Good job. More ppl should be taking advantage!!
2011-10-12 12:31:49
Asttonser I'll answer you in a bit. 3 hours of sleep and back to work. The customer was a bit hesitant on why he would need e-85 on such a tiny turbo. I thought 315-320 would be the max, but it would hit 17-18 psi and bleed down to 15 psi. But on the street it's holding 17psi. E-85 on my all motor setup gained 9-10 whP from pump tune.
2011-10-12 13:39:00
I was definitely impressed with the car. External gate and e-85 are the big factors here. Car had no hints of detonation and was consistent pull after pull. Cams are going in to help widen up the powerband not much for power. Some setups just seem to click together very well. Kudos to the owner for sticking with the car after having issues with it before.
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2011-10-12 13:41:14
2011-10-12 13:45:16
Damn impressive.
2011-10-12 13:55:50
I've been telling you guys E85 is the way to go. I got 641hp at only 25psi on my setup with it. Can't wait to see what 30psi has to offer. Will need a 6 speed to find out though. For a t25 you put down some good #'s Gio.
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