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Thread: Stock sr20de+t-25+-85=win

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2011-10-14 12:12:55
Sprinter cars Gio!!!!
2011-10-20 06:46:48
Dat shit crazy... If only E85 was poppin back in '02 lol..
2012-02-15 13:41:26
Little update on this car. An injector stayed stuck open and washed out the engine oil and spun a bearing. Dropped in a 9;5;1 usdm lowport DE, new 720cc injectors and redyno'd. Car put down 351whp same boost spinning 4th on the dyno due to cheap falken tires. Lowports flow better.

This car would whoop the sh!t out of mine, picks up and just keeps on flying. I will need at least 420whp to beat this damn thing.
2012-02-15 14:10:32
stock de's for the win! keep it simple and push the limits people
2012-02-16 01:54:16
^Yup, the owner does not give a damn. Car is his daily too, crazy bastard he is.
2012-02-16 01:59:38
Lol badass. I would love to build a little turbo car like this. Sounds fun as hell to drive. PM me if there are any street 'action' videos.
2012-02-16 02:03:32
Originally Posted by morgans432
stock de's for the win! keep it simple and push the limits people


This is what separates the men from the boys.
2012-02-16 02:10:31
I yet to tune my det i hope it makes good power but i dont think i will be switching to e85.
2012-02-16 14:17:34
Those injectors were over 6 years old and the previous owner traveled to many eastern states for work purposes, but the low port motor is going strong, he told me its just blasting the tires much faster now. We swapped over the highport cams in there also.
2012-02-16 14:19:44
We tried upping the boost but he is going to need stickier tires to
Dyno, the boost is coming in fast and just spun.
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