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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-09-16 02:06:08

2012-09-16 02:33:32
Oh I figured you were gonna put it in a brand new ecu! About time you ditched the Nistune!!!

Read all of the TunerCode documents, get familiarized before you start running around the candy store mouth wide open
2012-09-16 02:36:04
ya dude i have a shit ton of questions lol..

i had john convert my current tune to .tcd but i think it needs readjusted a tiny tiny bit..

is tunercode/nismotronic kind of built together? or is there another program i need to download and install?
2012-09-17 01:04:04
I hooked up my wideband to the breakout box today so now Nismotronic can read my afr's

I also took my Summit RPM switch out and I am now using Nemu to activate my VVL

Pardon the crude tape job, what I did was put a male connector on an plugged it into the O2 heater wire, it fit ok but to be sure I put some tape on for now, this is temporary till I get a splicer thing.

I had to make a test light since my "store bought" one is in my other tool box at my friends house.. This seemed to work great tho! I used it to test to make sure it was going to turn the vvl on an off when its suppose to, and it did!

And since I took the rpm switch out I had a bunch of that blue plastic wire loom stuff, so I put some on the NGK wires like how the OEM wires have on them. I figured it wouldn't hurt an it matches for the most part.

I also installed the Moates sticker, I hear its good for 5whp

Well that's it for now, in a couple of weeks I will have some more goodies to put in
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2012-09-17 01:07:30
How's it running with the new ecu & software
2012-09-17 01:15:21
Seems to run the same, I think theres a few things that might need dialed in a little.

I'm picking up the software ok, its not a whole lot different then Nistune, but then it is.. but since I've used that for so long it helps to learn this.. if that makes sense.. not to mention I've been a computer nerd for the past 12 years so its like any other program that just takes some learning..

You should get it bro!
2012-09-17 01:31:19
Awesome man, now get playing with VVL activation points
2012-09-17 01:37:16
Originally Posted by Vadim
Awesome man, now get playing with VVL activation points

where did your stock cams like bein activated on the t28?
2012-09-17 02:55:35

i will take a better video with the actual camera if i can find batteries lol, the sound quality on the BB SUCKS!
2012-09-17 03:47:42
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Originally Posted by Vadim
Awesome man, now get playing with VVL activation points

where did your stock cams like bein activated on the t28?

From what I remember at 5ish. Lost power below that. Your setup will be different, disable VVL, do one run and plot it into virtual dyno. Then enable high cams at very low RPM, do a run, plot it into virtual dyno and overlay the graphs. Where you see the low cams start loosing power over high cams is where you should activate.

With this my activation is seamless, you don't know that there is even vtak magic going on (Turbo, NA is gonna be loud there is no saving grace).

But here is where you can get very granular with it, I have my vvl kick on above 160*F, and above 50% throttle (highway driving no need vvl) and above 35 mph. Last one is the fun one, I don't enable VVL for first gear that way I have traction in first gear until redline . On VET cams low cams make 200whp/200wtq, but with high cam it makes ~240whp, 40 less hp helps a good bit with traction.
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