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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-08-05 17:43:25
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
same 11psi

good job homie!
2012-08-05 17:47:22
thanks! hopefully virtual dynos not just lying hehe.
2012-08-05 17:53:51
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
thanks! hopefully virtual dynos not just lying hehe.

Did you read the thread i posted a link to?
2012-08-05 17:57:06
ya i've seen it and other man times hehe, thing is every now an then i'll get some oddly high / low numbers.. i think alot of things come into play.. like some times i really gotta fight the tq steer, or maybe its hotter/colder or maybe i left the window down. however i dont usually get 2 back to back runs that mess up, its usually one or the other or neither.
2012-08-05 18:36:52
Nice work man! I take it the colder air from the new intake setup is helping a bunch.
2012-08-05 18:43:34
well, cooler air + less restrictive intake.. my mf went from a 3-2.5" coupler onto a 2.25" elbow that had the bov recirc an valve cover hose ports on it, back to 2.5" piping, talk about bottle neck..
2012-08-05 19:56:52
Ok Virtual Dyno had an update today, ran the same logs through an this is what i got this time.

thats the same 2 logs from last night, just new version of virtual dyno, i think those numbers are actually closer to what im making.

here is a graph of the enfamous "Run3" which is my base line comparison cause it had really consistant numbers, as well as the run from a few days ago and the 2 runs from last night.

2012-08-05 22:46:38
man, i need to learn how to log on my calum
2012-08-06 00:03:46
Still a little rich,but nonetheless good #'s
2012-08-06 01:25:21
Originally Posted by rmyc
man, i need to learn how to log on my calum

ECU talk or Nissan Data Scan. Then you need to ask Brad (Virtual Dyno author) to implement support for them.
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