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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-06-04 02:43:17
^^^ best to just call and talk to them
2012-06-04 14:58:56
I silicon intakes greddy knock off has been treating me pretty well so far. Installing the real thing soon, hopefully it doesn't crock like you Lynch like to say
2012-06-08 03:08:28
After tearing the intake manifold off the g20 the other day, I noticed the highport tb I was using on it had 2 vac ports on the bottom, I had looped these apparently on that car, well before this, a few months ago or so I found one of these on my car, so I plugged it. Well I should have looked harder cause there's 2!! so I looped em with a small piece of tight fitting vac hose, hopefully that will make a noticeable gain
2012-06-08 03:41:46
did the vac change at idle after you found that?
2012-06-08 03:45:21
bro, i haven't even started it.. i was out smokin, figured i'd check the oil, remebered to look for that port an saw it, looped it, shut hood. lol. i'll def report back tomorrow.
2012-06-08 03:49:33
2012-06-10 04:45:11
Well I drove it yesterday, vac at idles still about 20-22, vac under decel is 25-27. Boost seems to have risen about 1psi and it stays steady (from what i could tell) instead of dropping a few psi for a second then goin back up. What I'm tryin to say is it would hit 12psi then dip to 10 then back to 12, it would happen pretty fast. Now it its 13 an just stays there, I think i'll try to back it down a tad just for safety.

Oh and boost seems to come on a tad quicker, but that could be in my head.
2012-06-11 13:06:51
What did you change?
2012-06-11 19:29:32
found out there was 2 ports on the bottom of the throttle body, not just one, so they are both plugged now
2012-06-11 19:41:42
Aren't those the coolant leads? 1 in/1 out
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