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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-04-15 21:38:02
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
shit, this is the only one she took an it turned out crappy..

thats Mt Rainier

Dope. Everyone shoots at Hood.

Unfortunately I think your HKS is fake. I wouldn't know. I used a DSM recirc.
2012-04-15 21:42:25
Originally Posted by BlueRB240

the bolts seem to be the dead give away.
here is the fake

yep, had a feelin..

Originally Posted by Benito
Dope. Everyone shoots at Hood.

Unfortunately I think your HKS is fake. I wouldn't know. I used a DSM recirc.

thinking so to. going to send the guy a message
2012-04-15 21:43:01

Found a pic of a real one on Phase 2's web page. The nuts are shorter on the real vs the fake. The fake ones are longer.
2012-04-15 21:55:20
Here is the message i just sent him.

Dear dealbuddy,

Hi, I ordered a HKS blow off valve from you an I got it today, first thing I notice is its scratched, while not too bad, but an brand new in the box unopened item shouldn't have any blemishes. After that I started looking at it really closely and its a fake!

Your ad says its %100 genuine HKS, it is absolutely not! if I wanted a fake HKS blow off valve, I could have got one for less then half the price!

I'm kinda upset here, Thinkin I was getting a genuine part at a good deal, I should of known better.

I either want All my money back and I'll send the item back, OR I want %75 of my money back and I'll keep it just to get me by until i can get a real one.

I'm pretty sure its fake after seeing that pic. But its the closest fake I've seen so far.
2012-04-15 21:58:15
It sucks that sh!t like this happens. You want to buy the real deal but some many fakes out that it gets hard to spot the fakes from the real. Almost forces you just to buy them new from a regular retailer so you don't get farked with a fake. That Fake HKS goes for $35 from what I found. That guy marked it up good.
2012-04-15 22:00:04
yea, im pissed.
2012-04-15 22:01:22
I'll hit up my friend and see if he has his stock RB25 BOV. You can get that one quicker than waiting on me to get back home in June lol.
2012-04-15 22:02:55
well shit i already bought this recirc and the adapter pipe to put the bov on, if he refunds me most my cash i'll be happy if it works ok. other wise i'd have to get another flange adapter pipe or whatever

btw any idea on the size of outlet on that bov?
2012-04-15 22:09:43
Off the top of my head no. The flange is a 1G dsm one so it's easy to find.
2012-04-15 22:12:01
cool, should work with what im using for recirc.
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