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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2012-03-28 04:03:23
uhhh maybe. idk.. better have that garage cleared out lol
2012-03-28 04:06:53
Lol what garage. hoping its nice weather.My mounts i think need to be done soon, im also getting a wideband unit when i fly in sat morning at 12:30 am. Guy is meeting me at 1 am, lc-1 innovate new in box for 150 bucks. So cant wait to pick it up.
2012-03-28 04:10:51
how am i suppose to feel safe under your car while its jacked up in your steep ass drive way? lol, i would really like to be in the garage.. should take that 411 and 510 to your dads to store
2012-03-28 04:57:01
Couple more pics boomstick took.

i got a plan to hide the piping..
2012-03-28 05:16:23
Hes got no room, his shop is full. Im getting a storage unit next month to move alot of stuff into. The 411 SSS to man is going to get a sr20det crammed under the hood. Going to strip her even further and start saving the money up. Take it to a shop and have them cut the firewall, re do the wiper system, and jam a det under the hood. Make her look stock on the outside, with leather interior and nice inside, and then pop the hood and make people be like WHAAAAAT! Decided it would be mroe fun, and since shes already stripped mostly she is the best choice to do that.

As for driveway we can do it at the bottom of my driveway off the hill...been where ive been working most of the time on it.
2012-03-28 05:19:23
well maybe i'll just have you come to where we work on shit then, atleast its covered and flat lol
2012-03-28 05:23:13

Yah cuz i want these mounts done baddly, and i got a new ac hose, and i have the wideband im picking up to re tune this shit.

Oh shit i forgot to tell you, either its the tune is really bad, or something is fucked up with my cams engaging.

I finally was able to really get on her, cams kicked in, and then at 6300 rpms she started stuttering with vvl on? like i was hitting a wall? Im hoping its the toon or something, but ive been notcing when in a higher gear and i hit vvl it sounds like the cams are stalling and taking longer to kick in unless im in a high gear blowing through and turning them on. but a gradual turn on slowly hitting 5100 rpms and its like kicccccccccckkkkk studder instead of boom vvl.

I noticed this sat morning on my way to my dads about when i was slamming her gas down that she was studdering at high rpms....do you think something could be wrong with the cams? Or my dizzy is really going out finally? Just sucks if nto one thing its another u know.
2012-03-28 05:26:06
i doubt its something with the tune, solenoids do go out sometimes, but more importantly check your oil level!

other then that i'd say check the setting on the switch an wiring an shit..

it Could be the dist, but idk.. what you gonna do about that? cut the leg off a b14 one an try to cram it in there?

i want that solid mount! lol

might be your fuel pump going out.. or filter needs changed..

a wideband will tell alot.
2012-03-28 05:37:10
Yah thats why im getting the wideband. And lol at the solid one, I may be willing to trade you for a prothane for the solid if you do all the stuff i need,....and help replace that tranny seal . I have another b14 dizzy, just need you to bring the timing light, can us emy dremmel and cut the leg off it.

The wiring for the msd is perfect to, same as the last one so dont think it could be causing the issue, but god you never know. Wondering if its trying to shut off at high rpm's or osmething. And i now the oils good, just changed it. Only feels like shes doing it hwen in vvl. Otherwise peppy as hell as usual. Just getting tired of it always being something stupid.
2012-03-28 05:39:12
well your swap was kind of done on a budget, and could have been done better lol. we'll figure it out though..
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