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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2011-11-01 03:14:32
im ok with people posting pics
2011-11-01 15:38:17
Originally Posted by morgans432
I absolutely hate when people run it under the front of the car (no offense) im just afraid of hitting something and messing up the piping.

There is a perfect space in between the radiator where there is useless metal that the piping fits in perfect.

I really don't see why, I sold my setup to my friend and he has been running it on his se-r for the last 3 years solid. He is lowered on AGX's and Hyperco genI, I had my piping tucked up far enough that it wasnt even seen behind the bumper and didnt hang lower than the bumper. I was trying to avoid hacking up my car.

I have ran this setup in a B14 as well with Tein coilovers and still no holes in the pipes or even scratches.
2011-11-01 15:40:20
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
i will have 2 sections of downpipe that will need to be connected to a flex tube and the wastegate valve needs welded, not sure where it broke but keo said it should be an easy fix

thats all i know of right now

I'm sure we can find a solution, but i will tell you my welding isnt the best lol
2011-11-02 01:17:07

i cant wait to start turning wrenches on this thing man i feel like ricky bobby an i wanna go fast! lol
2011-11-02 01:41:02
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
ummmmmm im not super sure..

heres a pic of it

how much boost are you going to push though that intercooler? It looks like it might heat soak.
2011-11-02 02:17:05
10lbs~ not a whole lot.
2011-11-02 02:23:08
When you get it on the dyno feel cold side end tank after 2 or 3 pulls. If it's warm the intercooler isn't keeping up.
2011-11-02 02:26:30
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
how much boost are you going to push though that intercooler? It looks like it might heat soak.

I'm not a fan of this intercooler.

On the other hand Leng's specialty is install so if you want the pipes routed well then he can help. I for one don't have a problem with going low on both sides.

In fact that's the way I do it. If you knock one off on the curb its an easy fix. AMHIK.
2011-11-02 02:38:42
the intercooler piping is bought, going to run it like its meant to be run.

the intercooler is bought it will be used, if it needs to be upgraded later then so be it. lol

step 1. get the shit boosted
step 2. ??????
step 3. profit
2011-11-02 03:08:00
Step 2. Break 3rd gear into one billion little fragments lol.
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