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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2015-03-04 03:18:58
Good deal.
2015-03-10 17:23:01
B13 spec v axle

i put a spec-v inner part that goes into the trans on a b13 shaft, leaving the outter part b13.. so i should only have to use 1 of the custom hubs..
Last edited by lynchfourtwenty on 2015-03-10 at 19-15-56.
2015-03-11 06:26:36
oem spec-v TOB.. pretty nice they come with clips on them unlike the b13 ones..

Last edited by lynchfourtwenty on 2015-03-11 at 06-32-10.
2015-03-12 02:43:24
Don't forget to lightly grease that sumumbich
Last edited by zeneffect on 2015-03-18 at 18-48-15.
2015-03-12 12:26:14
Don't forget to add a vulgar, anti-wheel hop message inside the bell housing.
2015-03-13 21:29:59
So the drive shaft shop fucked up on our hubs, 3 wouldn't fit I could only get them about half way on the axle with a dead blow hammer an the 4th one was so loose I have a feeling it would strip the splines quick fast an in a hurry..

So I sent the shit back with an oem spec v axle end so hopefully they can fix them an make it right..

It seems I will only need to actually use 1 of them so I'll have a spare Already pressed in to a spare spindle with fresh bearings an seals so if I have to replace a bearing on that side in the future all I will have to do is swap the new spindle on.. then if the hubs still good I can get new bearings an seals an put it back together and be ready for another round
2015-03-13 22:20:24
sucks man sorry

When I got mine they were so tight they wouldnt go a 1/4 the way on. So I grabbed a triangle file and massaged them until I got them in. They are still pretty tight I have to use a bearing puller to push them out of the hub....
2015-03-13 22:45:35
wtf are they thinking? They told Zen they fit the axle they have there.. wonder if theirs is oem or aftermarket..
2015-03-13 23:03:04
Last edited by zeneffect on 2015-03-13 at 23-08-41.
2015-03-13 23:07:37
yeah thats probably the one i wrote NFG on cause it was so loose..
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