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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2011-10-03 02:18:39
Originally Posted by boomstickracing
i just read somewhere the auto sentra radiator is bigger than an ser too

It is because the oil cooler or some kinda cooler is branched off the rad, IIRC.
2011-10-03 02:43:05
Originally Posted by Viprdude
It is because the oil cooler or some kinda cooler is branched off the rad, IIRC.

makes sence....isn't it thicker too tho?
2011-10-03 02:49:33
Originally Posted by Benito
Its not a 180whp car. I've been in the car and all my setups and a lot of others... its in what we would call the 195whp zone. The problem is the lousy aftermarket wires and burnt rotor/cap imo

word man but even then thats not really all that fast i've gotten to used to it

Originally Posted by Benito
I wish you'd stayed NA but this is probably where I am headed eventually. Maybe now I'll copy your plan and go with a supercowboy header and N1 pistons.

that is a very good plan for staying n/a plus throw on a xcessive intake (i have a special order one in mind that would kick ass) and you should have a strong 210/220whp car i would think.

however thats not really enough for me, dollar for dollar im getting way bigger bang for my buck.. im spending ALOT less to go turbo believe it or not lol

Originally Posted by Benito
I think you can run this setup through the stock cat and still be happy. Remember to get an NX radiator and eBay boost controller and enjoy 350whp thats my guess.

You need stock cams?

i will have a 7 an 9lb spring for the tial wg, i will start on the 7.. i will get a boost controller down the road but im gettin a boost gauge included cause he's such a nice fella

i also ordered a 3" test pipe, i will get a 3" highflow cat an have the flanges on the test pipe cut off an welded to the new cat later down the road.

i will get a nice aluminum radiator at some point but for now i think my trusty stock radiator will work ok, if not i wont drive it till i get a bigger one lol.

and ya i got my stock cams still, i will be putting those in soon.
2011-10-03 03:11:52
At least get the zeitronx egt probe so you can monitor the egt's with A/F in nistune.
2011-10-03 03:20:33
thats a good idea ^^
2011-10-03 03:23:44
How will you know that you are overheating? The stock gauge has 3 positions: cold, ok, and pull over now. I wouldn't want to invest all that money and not know the exact water temp... and oil pressure for that matter. You will get more ponies about the same as 2 VEs

Boost controller is $20 shipped and 7-9lb is gonna feel like my old B13. Trust me once you street tune you will want to crank it up.
Last edited by Benito Malito on 2011-10-03 at 03-28-10.
2011-10-03 03:42:01
i will know the exact temp the engine runs because nistune will tell me, i would never trust the one on the dash lol

i Will get an oil pressure gauge And a water temp gauge asap! i want to make sure i get a good oil pressure gauge that reads above 100 so that i dont mess it up lol i will also get a mbc.. right now its baby steps.

i havent really said anything to any one but i'd been thinkin about doing this for a long time and i've done alot of research, its not something im just doing on a whim
2011-10-03 03:55:00
btw i had vadim move the thread to the turbo section.

ty vadim.
2011-10-03 04:01:34
i was telling ya to go turbo from the begining LOL

let me know when you'll be putting her together and i'll try to swing by and add my little hands to the project.....LOL
2011-10-03 04:10:02
I have some autometers you can have. coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, boost and afr.
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