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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2016-09-13 03:02:33
Nah custom..
2017-03-07 05:40:59
2017-03-07 05:45:38
2017-03-07 19:57:09
Nice tire meat. I am digging the new updates.
2017-03-10 05:31:00
ok i guess i'll spill the beans, wasn't really even gonna bother documenting anything much any more as it seems like the forum is kinda dying.. but, fuck it.. heres for those of you who are still here!

the tires are 225/50/15 mickey thompson drag radials, as for the new turbskie,

since my manifold weld broke at the turbo flange i haven't been driving my car, its not all the way broken but meh, whats the point.. so i could have just fixed it an been on my way, but even tho its kinda silly i went this direction.. pte 5531 .63ar, its air cooled an journal bearing.. it was cheap and it'll be easy and cheap to repair in the future if need be.. also there will be more room to weld the flange onto the manifold.. its really not a whole lot bigger than my current turbo so should fit in the same location just have to change the 2 flanges an maybe a few other things..

i am also going to be picking up another VE from a friend so the plans are..

made sure to get the gtir/ve 5 hole main bearings

also going to be putting some CP 9.0:1 ve pistons already have em just not here with me so i'll take pics tomorrow.. i'd like to get some rods too but probably not in the budget lol, i can do some det rods that i have or just keep the ve rods.. going to probably also use gtir main bolts + a girdle..

the plan is to start running more boost, the car is fun on 9-10lbs but i've always baby'd it cuz ive been worried about blowin it up or something and i didnt have a real back up car..

2017-03-10 08:06:00
Blah Stock block good for over 500whp... you got this lol
2017-03-10 12:44:12
i got a bare block here with your name on it
2017-03-10 14:59:35
Nice updates! I hope you don't wheel hop with those !
2017-03-10 16:41:48
You know you lacked updated cause you lacked progress! Time to make it better and let her rip again.
2017-03-13 07:28:29
Here's the pistons

I might of forgot to mention it but I also traded my n1 cams for a set of vet cams so those will be going in also, but I will have some sr16 an n1 cams to play with also if I get froggy but I'll prob just use em as is..
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