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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2015-10-05 14:47:32
Originally Posted by Keo
how long was the wait for the hubs again?

Sent in during the bush administration if that is an indication... And sent in twice... And they broke one but they replaced it for free. Realistically it was like 5-6 months to get good working hubs back.
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2015-10-05 16:04:25
What size steel braided line and fittings did you use? I had one made but think its abit to small. I'd like to be able to push a little more fluid. Thanks
2015-10-05 19:21:45
-4an for oil feed.. Was using a .035 restrictor (i believe) which is about .8mm I am going to switch to a 1.5mm restrictor because I'm paranoid about clogging the one that's in there.. I know the 1.5mm is for journal bearing turbos but I'd rather blow an oil seal then seize and destroy a turbo in a blink of an eye.. we are using a 1.5mm restrictor on lumpy due to clogging his .040 an destroying his turbo, with no Ill effects or signs of seals leaking..

I may also invest in an inline filter in the future that can be cleaned, that might help bring the pressure down a bit..
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2015-10-06 01:05:26
did DSS do the hubs for you? I remember we were talking about that a long time ago. Good option if they now have the tooling to do it quicker now. Glad to see you almost got this done now. Definitely get that axle bracket welded. It will come loose even with loctite. Mine did as well and had it welded and never looked back. I dont know why mazworx didnt weld them from the get go.
2015-10-06 04:44:19
Ya dss an they took forever , sent em to me an they wouldn't fit.. had to send em back..

I'll get it welded..

In other news my oil feed line is fixed!

2015-10-11 06:58:56
Got my brake fluid specific hose on for my remote clutch master cylinder resivor on and started bleeding my clutch

at first it wouldn't hold pressure and the pedal would stick down, I found that this lil guy was leaking.. maybe I should of installed it on the slave cyl..

So I installed a banjo like on the slave with copper washers and now no leaks an pedal feels good

Just waiting on the axle bracket.. took it off to have it welded, should have it back Monday I hope
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2015-10-12 09:55:50
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

at first it wouldn't hold pressure and the pedal would stick down, I found that this lil guy was leaking.. maybe I should of installed it on the slave cyl..

Which end was leaking? Did you use thread sealant on the pipe thread side?
2015-10-12 14:44:18
The pipe thread side leaked.. no i didn't use sealant, I've never used sealant on a bmc/cmc/caliper ect..
2015-10-12 15:06:22
There you go...
2015-10-12 19:45:06
For those of you who missed our chat in the shout box, I informed Jody that the cmc is designed to use a inverted flare line, which using sealant on wouldn't have helped, at least for long.. so the banjo and crush washers are the way to go unless your ss braided line has the right inverted flare / nut setup..
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