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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2015-09-14 09:01:57
Nice one mate. I love my 6 speed, i get people ask if i can do conversions for them too, but so far ive not seen another in this country on the road.
2015-09-17 04:26:45
Got the trans ready to go on but it's being a lil bitch.. gotta figure out how to get it on..

2015-09-22 10:54:50
Are you having trouble lifting it up into the engine bay and engaging the splines into the clutch? On my p10 and on stock p12s its a nasty tight fit, and ive almost been tempted to drop the engine to fit the box at times. Removing the whole lower control arm and brackets gives a little more room around the subframe, otherwise its just a lot of wiggling.

On 32 series boxes ive found that the black cable bracket has a hole which my lifter hook is a perfect balance point, and makes the box slide on to the clutch like butter, but the 6 speed doesnt have a obvious point of balance built in. If you can make a bracket to hang the gearbox and lift it in, then its heaps easier to wiggle it around to get it past all the annoying things it hangs up on.
2015-09-23 05:28:58
Finally got the trans on, I ended up unbolting the cross member and let the engine droop all the way down from the passenger mount and it went on pretty smooth..

I did have a little help from the hoist lol

Nates dad made some lifting brackets to bolt on.. only needed the 1 tho

This sombitch is beefy

More to come..

@unijabnx2000 @1fastser
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2015-09-23 05:41:54

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2015-09-23 09:52:36
2015-09-23 20:46:30
nice, no chop fitment
2015-09-23 22:24:03
Ya.. for once something fit in my car without me hacking shit to make it fit
2015-09-27 21:58:23
well, things were going way too smoothly..

i went to attach the shifter cables last night only to find my trans wont shift into any gear.. the left\right motion of the shifter is also very stiff.. i tried shifting it without the cables installed but it wont budge.. i checked @zeneffect 's transmission an his shifts smooth into every gear.. idk why i didnt check it before installing the trans

looks like i gotta reverse everything i just did and tear the trans apart to figure out the problem.. fucking sucks cuz i really didnt want to dig into a 6spd trans just yet.. guess i got some learning to do..
2015-09-27 22:01:55
Man that really sucks what a pita. Hope you can get it squared away without too much hassle.

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