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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2015-02-06 02:17:38
Full solid hub is not really necessary on the 6 speed unless you race a lot. I had no issues holding the power with a Spec Stage 4 6 puck sprung, but anything more than 500whp and you ought to go a little more aggressive. The 6 speed swap isn't cheap, but it is an amazing parts bin solution to the fragile 5 speed. The compromise is there, for sure. But it certainly seemed like I was breaking every transmission I put in after the first 1. My first p11 trans lasted years, but once I got over 400wtq they started breaking left and right.
2015-02-14 23:44:31
2015-02-15 04:11:48
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

nice and shiny
2015-02-27 20:23:58
Got some spec-v axles for 40 each, no core, to my work

they look to be oem and the boots are in good shape
2015-02-27 21:09:37
How did you manage that??
2015-02-27 22:05:34
I work at a car lot and we have connections.. also I know how to negotiate
2015-02-28 09:52:48
Lynch's VE-T Going 6spd
Nice keeping my 5 Spd I heard those 1st gears are pretty much useless
2015-02-28 19:57:53
well, first gear in alot of our turbo cars is "useless"... i'd rather stop breaking transmissions AND get better mpg..

i've cracked 2 bellhousings (ya from wheel hop but still) i've got 5th pop out twice and i've sheered 3rd gear off once but im sure its only a matter of time before it happens again.. im running low on parts transmissions so i can only keep fixing these things for so long before im fucked again lol.
2015-02-28 21:39:24
by the math I did, 1st and 2nd are longer compared to 5 speed.... just 3rd-5th are slightly shorter
2015-02-28 21:46:13
hey man more power to you im also battling wheel hop my self I converted to the b15 trans mount I also installed some ksport coil overs cause the megan springs with the kyb were not enough but my street tires are alos a cause I know that so also getting slicks when comes track time but my ve is getting turboed out this year so I wann see how itll hold up to some serious HP its taken 2 years of some serious track and regular abuse including some serious wheel hop from like 2 years ago that six spd gets me thinking though
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