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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2014-11-24 22:25:42
what tires do you use?
2014-11-24 22:28:14
First time was some nitto DR's this time yokohama s drive
2014-11-24 23:10:50
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Got any ideas? The entire front suspension is ES bushings, brand new agx struts.. only thing left I can think of is cross member bushing upgrade and sub frame collars and maybe traction bars..

I have zero wheel hop. I run a combo of place racing and jwt motor mounts. I also have the custom steel dog bone which is a pain to get on but keeps the motor from shifting around. I also have traction bars which help a lot but cause the car to under steer. zero transmission failures since 2003.
2014-11-25 02:33:07
Sucks man. Try some new rims, I know those B14s you been running aren't exactly new.

Maybe a new chassis?
2014-11-25 04:14:22
I get wheel hop no matter what wheels/tires I use bud

Id hate to have to switch it all to my other car to get rid of wheel hop lol
2014-11-25 05:02:58
So you constantly turn down suggestions to go a B15 citing "too expensive" then you proceed to go full retard and go 6 speed.........A setup that costs almost 4 times as much than going with a B15?!?! :smh:
The B15 isn't bulletproof by any means, but if SE-Rican can run 9s on a B13 "glass" gearbox, you can get away with running a B15............if you fix your wheelhop issues ofcourse

I wish I had a better suggestion than checking mounts and bushings. However, from my experience (and although you have mentioned otherwise), sometimes tires can also pose an issue. Example: Street tires have a much stiffer sideway, meaning less compliance. Than limited compliance can translate into terrible wheelhop issues. They are also not a fan of drivetrain shock.

Tought to diagnose your issue over the computer unfortunately
2014-11-25 06:41:23
yeah man well i was gonna get a b15/p11 trans but no one wanted to hook me up then zen ran across a few 6spd trans with p12 bellhousings already and well now we are both going to do the swap.. car is down for winter anyways so not a huge rush on getting it done..
2014-11-25 14:31:46
If i werent so dang far away id sell u my p11 for like idk 500 but its not gonna get rid of wheel hop... Id say the easiest thing would be to try traction bars out because then youd atleast have them for track days..... Mine are on all the time just not at drag adjustment...

As for daily wheel hop.... Aside from motor mounts, rims that are ten pounds or less, and healthy control arm bushings. The only thing i can say is its just pedal control but i trust you know your car enough by now.

Just for shits though have you car swapped with a friend at all to see if he gets the same issues so maybe someone else has a personnal feel to the issue rather than just throwing ideas at it left and right?
2014-11-25 15:57:03
me playing devil's advocate....

there was a new non lsd p11 trans on facebook the other day in TN for like $300, talk to mfactory and get a hlsd...
2014-11-25 16:08:00
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
me playing devil's advocate....

there was a new non lsd p11 trans on facebook the other day in TN for like $300, talk to mfactory and get a hlsd...

that makes it a 1000 transmission... and you wouldnt have sold yours.

for a b15/p11 trans....

hlsd = $750 + shipping
3/4 gears = $1500 + shipping
transmission = $500 + shipping

$2750 to be at the same level of reliability as a 6 speed. this doesn't factor in shipping cost either. even if you went with the open diff one and converted to hlsd, the cost of making the transmission as strong as a 6 speed is still more than the cost of a 6 speed swap. just some food for thought guys, nothing is done without solid reasoning behind it.
Last edited by zeneffect on 2014-11-25 at 16-27-42.
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