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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-12-09 04:29:25
Josh, $395 and I will have that thing tuned lol... Sell some parts and lets get on it
2013-12-09 05:23:49
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

Oh another thing, my ECT only gets to 170-176, on the hwy its on the lower side. Not sure if maybe my tstat is going bad, I think it opens around 176 tho so maybe I need a warmer one for winter? I noticed you said you got better mpg with warmer ECT @Vadim maybe id benefit too?

When I was rebuilding my RR, I threw in an OEM 180*F thermostat, RR's come with 180's stock unlike DE/VE's. While I'm not 100% certain it helped, I do have a suspesion that it did because of my old VE+T setup I had. On VE+T while I had my oem radiator I got 34mpg, once I installed a koyo, MPG dropped to 26-29.

Originally Posted by unijabnx2000

Was that higher timing on the 5 speed?
The timing now is with the 6 speed.

Back when i had the 5spd, same timing, but only got around 25-26mpg.

6 Speed, running 22* max at 2800 rpm. I kept on running high timing throughout 5 speed, only discovered that RR wanted less on 6 speed. I'm sure my 5 speed MPG's wouldn't be all that much worse honestly.
2013-12-09 06:13:52
OEM stat is 76.5C
2013-12-09 06:24:43
Makes sense, Mine stays around that In The winter lol
2013-12-09 10:56:50
Check you dont have any cold start fuel in the zones where the engine is running when its at temp and cruising.

Also after something John posted a while ago, did some thinking. Ive always used K value (maf/SD factor in SA), to adjust fueling. Did a retune on a mates car the other day as he said it was a bit thirsty, i turned the K value down, the adjusted the Injector size to get the mixture right again.

K Value etc, is a multiplier, so as the fuel numbers get bigger the multiplier makes them even bigger still, thats cool as you can adjust the maps to suit, BUT, all the other tables are affected by the multiplier too, so accel enrich, cold start, anything that adds fuel for some reason is adding fuel.

I havent had a good chance to play with this and monitor fuel economy, but im fairly sure it has it merrits.
2013-12-09 23:56:33
When I set my tunes up I try to make it so it idles an cruises at 14.7 or so afr then make little changes as needed.. then I work on the rest.
2013-12-10 03:03:10
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
OEM stat is 76.5C

OEM Roller Rocker stat and SR16VE stat is 82*C (180f), but SR20DE/DET and 20VE is 76.5c (170c)
2013-12-10 04:49:32
Ya prob gonna get a warmer t stat lol

Anyhow I've got 80 miles on the current tank and i just hit 1/4 tank.. so far so good.. same driving an fueling but dropped the timing to 29-30 I. Thw cruise area..

What do yall shift at? Light cruise I try to stay between 2-3k rpm but if I gotta accelerate I goto 4-4.5k, either way I use as little throttle as I can to keep out of boost.
2013-12-10 05:27:26
I use nismo t-stat in POS B14, get 34MPG with a shitty JWT ECU, (like a boss). "Opens at 62C(143.6F), Nissan OE thermostat opens at 76.5C(169.7F)."

Good luck. I hope you get her tuned like she needs and let the NEMU open up a world of awesome.
Last edited by Kyle on 2013-12-10 at 05-32-23.
2013-12-10 05:43:47
What do you get in your b13?
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