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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-04-15 07:31:00
Got started on installing my new manifold today.. had to take care of a few things first tho..

put the studs in

the turbo to manifold gasket holes were for 8mm studs, so had to make them bigger for 10mm studs..

one of the nuts that holds the manifold on got stuck and rounded out, so i had to very carefully with a die grinder and hammer chisel get it off lol

everything off

test fit

going to have to run a shorter alternator belt as the #1 runner touches

had to bend the dip stick tube down a bit but it looks like it'll clear everything fine too

kinda miffed that the gasket and ports dont line up.. and theres not really enough material to oblong the holes.. there should be enough room to open up the ports on the flange tho..

i should have the manifold all finished up tomorrow, but i have some other things to do also, i'll get to that when i do it tho..
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2013-04-15 11:50:55
Are you going to wrap the manifold? looks like you already got some work to do with the alternator. I guess you could move it to the back or run a smaller belt like you mentioned to move it down.
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2013-04-15 22:22:25
you can always relocate the (+) on the alternator
2013-04-16 01:11:29
Might open things up a bit. That probably wasn't in the plans though huh?

I can fetch you a highport oil filter housing if you need one.
2013-04-16 05:59:38
Originally Posted by rmyc
you can always relocate the (+) on the alternator

do tell?
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2013-04-16 06:43:53
so after a long frustrating day, i've got it all mocked up, few things left to do before i can do the final bolt up.. matt sure gave me a challenge.

first thing i did today was put on a half inch shorter alternator belt, its a 4 rib but should work fine, it gave me more room an got the alternator away from the manifold.

also replaced that stud i fucked up

the head flange didnt line up with the sr20ve gasket at all so we had to die grind that shit to line up, i didnt feel like oblonging the holes and i didnt have anything to do it with, also there wasnt alot of room to do that.. but there was plenty of room to open the flange.

all lined up

had to drill the bolt holes in the turbo out because im now running 10mm studs, also had to bore the gasket out.. real pita.. also had to shorten 2 studs.. another pita..

cleaned up the mating surface on the head and the sr20vet gasket looks good enough to reuse

we had to reem out a few of the turbo outlet flange bolts to get it on but it fits great an clears the alt an dipstick, although im not sure if theres where the dipsticks going to stay

my buddy drillin holes to make a bigger hole to run intercooler piping cause i had to clock the turbo down

buddy cutting off the old down pipe

going to use a slip fit with clamps because this dp is gonna be a tricky bitch to get on an off..

oil drain lines up pretty good, gonna reangle that fittingin the block, or possibly put a different one in.

thats it for tonight, hopefully i'll be able to get it finished up tomorrow, im sure i will.. i'll have to limp around on that super shitty old 90 coupler for a few days, i already ordered a nice new one thats a proper fit, i'll have to redneck fix that one for now though..
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2013-04-16 07:25:03
Lookin good buddy, been wondering what youve been up to.
2013-04-16 11:04:54
looks great, hope you don't cook to many alternators.Maybe get the manifold ceramic coated, I did, works awesome. what size pipes are they?
2013-04-16 19:07:46
Looks awesome bud!
2013-04-17 08:00:46
started today by putting the turbo to manifold gasket on and the copper locking nuts, what sucks is since i had to use this 14mm nuts cause of the 10mm studs, so the locking feature isnt even used on 2 because i had to trim the studs to clear the housing.

decided to change the fitting on the block for the oil return, this is the original one i bought when i went turbo but couldnt use lol.



lines up great

got new bolts for the wastegate and bolted it on with 1 new gasket lol gonna reuse the wg to manifold dump one

painted this pipe so its not all shiney through the bumper lol

hit this spot with some rustoleum lol

put some plastic shit there..

some test fitting

put the custom wastegate bracket on the other side since i clocked the turbo down

changed my mind where i wanted the dipstick, i decided straight up between the 1 and 2 runners was the way to go

starting to bolt things together, used the last of my new copper lock nuts and replaced a couple studs to hold the down pipe on, and i decided to use the cometic gasket.

kind of a temp solution for the downpipe, used a slip fit.

i dont think there will be any issues with the alternator

had to bend this shit out of the way a hair

hotside pipings looking pretty good if i do say so my self..

ran the oil feed line through the back, just felt like it..

heres out the drain turned out

more test fitting

pretty much everything all back in an tightend up

at the shell gettin gas on the way home

heres a video of the first startup after the new manifold was installed.

over all im pretty happy, it was a bit more work then expected.. but things turned out great.

the car feels likes its got a light weight flywheel now, like the revs pickup quicker, even on down shifts.. maybe due to less back pressure? idk.. its also quieter and the bov doesn't sound off unless i try, again not sure whats with that.. but runs smooth as hell.

i didnt really get to get on it on the way home since it was late, but the one time i did i went pig rich, so either somethings loose or something OR im maxing the maf out now and its in 2 monkeys with barrels dumping fuel mode.

i didnt get to ANY of the intake shit, no map sensor shit, nothing.. all i got done for now was the exhaust manifold upgrade lol.. i gotta get this old one shipped off here soon
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