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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2013-03-28 16:01:45
Most coating places are expensive. I have yet to find any cheap coating places in my area.They do a very good job tho.
2013-03-28 17:18:54
Originally Posted by cortrim1
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

Originally Posted by sentraman
Nice looking mani, will you be coating it as well? When you wanna go big boy, you can make an offer for my 6spd stuff lol

know any local places that do coating for pretty cheap? i was thinkin about just using some of that vht silver and closely following the directions an see how it does.. i've seen some good results, but i've seen alot more shitty results, but my buddys got an oven to do it right..

I know snickers(charles) had my manifold and down pipe coated locally and if was not too bad. Might try contacting him.

i hear what your saying man, however im not a big fan of snickers, im sure theres plenty of people that could jump in an defend him but none of it will do any good.

Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
Most coating places are expensive. I have yet to find any cheap coating places in my area.They do a very good job tho.

yeah man im out of time and money, i gotta get my current manifold off an shipped to its new owner as soon as i can..

that mani does look great tho!
2013-03-28 17:26:04
New manifold looks good man! Curious to see what the manifold swap will do without too much tuning and then with a full tune.
2013-03-28 17:58:28
I can't wait to get mine! Looking forward to seein your numbers.
2013-04-01 05:52:30
Since I'm waitin on a few things before i install the new manifold i took the chance to put my own little touches on it, there was a tiny bit of slag and a few spots where the side wall of the pipe stuck up a bit, not sure how much that'd effect flow but i figured since i had nothin else to do i'd fix it.

I also cleaned up the collector, it had some slag and some burnt metal shavings or something on it, def something i wouldn't want going through my turbo.

I'm not really sure how much it matters but the hole for the external gate was a bit small, so i enlarged it a bit and smoothed it out.

I've still gotta hit a couple sharp spots with sand paper or something and clean it up real good inside and out but I think it looks good and it should work great! I'm sure matt would of got all that had i not kinda rushed him to get it to me, and it might not even make any change at all but i got to put my own work into it to make it mine and not just throw cash at it an bolt it up so thats cool.

p.s sorry the pics suck as usual lol
2013-04-01 11:00:27
nice love it
2013-04-01 13:53:06
Nice, attention to details! good work
2013-04-04 00:00:45
thanks guys, like i said im not sure if it'll even do any better then how it was.. but i can be pretty anal about shit sometimes and will definitely sleep better knowing that i did it lol.

i got everything ordered that i need (i fucking hope) i really really hope my turbo will let me use these m10x1.25 studs to hold it to the manifold.. i ordered new studs an copper locking nuts because thats what the flange requires.. im going to have to bore the gasket to match but thats not a big deal, i ordered a new one anyways..

heres some links to what i got..

manifold studs and gaskets
Turbo Manifold Bolt and Gasket Kit - TREADSTONE PERFORMANCE

got 2 of these, one for the map sensor, and one for the bov, no more Tee's for me! Edelmann Clamp-Style NPT to Hose Barb Fittings 219-831250 - SummitRacing.com

a couple oil filters..

K&N Pro Series Oil Filters PS-1008 - SummitRacing.com

fresh spark plugs

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs 4644 - SummitRacing.com

cheapy summit fuel pressure gauge
Summit Racing® Chrome Plated Fuel Pressure Gauges SUM-800199 - SummitRacing.com

the adapter for the gauge (i know its not exactly the right size) gonna need some hose lube for this one..
Summit Racing® Fuel Pressure Gauge Fittings SUM-G1710 - SummitRacing.com

not sure if i'll even use this aem sensor or not, i paid more then the one from DIY but theirs is a megasquirt unit.. . i've got a GM one just incase tho, i'll find a use for it one way or another tho, i mostley wanted the bung but couldnt find just the bung in a timely manner so just ordered this shit
AEM Coolant Temperature Sensor Kit w/3/8 inch Female Weld-In Aluminum Bung

turbo outlet gasket
Cometic Turbo Exhaust Housing Outlet Gasket Nissan SR20DET s13 s14 S15 T25 T28 | eBay

and i ordered up a couple extra t-bolt clamps because i will probably have to mod my hot side pipe and add a coupler till i can get some aluminum welding done..

well i think thats it for now, i have a shit load to do thats for sure.. i'll take pics of the shit when i do it
Last edited by lynchfourtwenty on 2013-04-04 at 00-09-18.
2013-04-04 00:31:36
Nice work Josh. Looking forward to seeing it all on the car.
2013-04-08 04:52:34
got some things in, hopefully the rest comes monday

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