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Thread: Lynch's 6spd / VE-T thread

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2011-10-15 03:57:41
Sentraman and I have a guy for that. Actually there are two guys who welded up a bunch of stuff for my turbo stuff awhile back. very good.
2011-10-15 04:08:45
well see if they might do it for me an about how much it'll run..
2011-10-15 04:29:34
They don't charge much at all. We'll see if they are up and running and taking clients.

Pm him and ask if Zai is doing work. Ill shoot hime a text.
2011-10-17 20:30:25
Looks like a good build... I would probably go with bigger injectors and look at trying to corn feed it. with the higher comp and boost, Corn feeding the car would be a great option and maybe even the possibility of seeing more boost and power numbers.

I will soon be back and hopefully can get a build going.
2011-10-17 21:23:00
theres like 1 maybe 2 places in my town that sell e85.. an its specialty places.. i know in portland theres quite a few, but im not going to oregon Every time i need gas..

im looking for 300whp max.. basicly what ever i get from 10-12lbs.

i do not expect the engine to last forever. so when it fails lower comp pistons will go in
2011-10-18 01:17:20
I would like to see someone with stock compression forged pistons as once it is tuned right you would still be able to run a good amount of boost. I'd rather have a higher compression boosted car than a lower one. The difference in response between an 8.5:1 setup and a 10.3:1 setup in enough in my mind to make it worth it. It's all a matter of what you want to do with the car. Once you see the response you will get with that snail @ stock compression, you will want at least 9.5:1 which I feel is a good compromise.
2011-10-18 01:22:16
i was thinking of just dropping stock det pistons in with new rings an such.. still have 9.3 comp and stronger pistons..

im not lookin for a big power big boost car. 300whp in my mind is more then enough for a b13 thats a daily driven weekend warrior.

my plan is to have a simple efficient fun setup.
2011-10-18 01:26:01
You will have that either way you go... the only thing I don't like with stock det pistons is that it limits cam choice. That won't really effect you as stock cams with that turbo will be perfect. Either way you will love what you are going to end up with that setup. It would be nice to be able to run high boost at the track on some slicks where you can actually use it.
2011-10-18 01:27:13
Hey I know a guy w a good set of det pistons... I think the car will run good.
2011-10-18 01:29:29
ya know, i was thinking.. once i relearn the car and have some passes under my belt with the turbo, i can just get some race gas an retune with it and save the bin for when i goto the track on the race gas.. crank up the boost a tad and have fun..

lets just hope i dont eat transmissions left and right lol
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