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Thread: Engine Oil for new SR20VE-T

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2011-09-29 20:11:59
Engine Oil for new SR20VE-T
Hi everyone,

I'm switching from the conventional oil used in the break in process for my SR20VE-T. I need some quick advice on what synthetic oil to use.

I just bought Mobil 1 5w-30 synthetic oil from NAPA. They don't have 10w-30 synthetic in either mobil 1 or castrol but have castrol 10w-40. Should I return the 5w-30 and get a thicker oil? I used to buy Mobil 1 15-50 for my stock gtir motor, but Im not sure if this would be too thick for this newly built motor. I'm located down here in the tropics, so it is pretty hot in the days.

Appreciate any feedback!
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2011-09-29 20:27:05
I'd go with a diesel oil 15w40. Not sure what brands are widely available down there though.
2011-09-29 20:38:45
thanks mirror, i for some reason dont think they will have it.i will keep an eye out. anyone else?
2011-09-29 21:30:59
Valvoline makes 20-50 or 15-50. Cant remember which one. It's the VR1 though. They have it in conventional, and synthetic. They also have a straight 50 in the conventional.
2011-09-29 22:54:05
Diesel oil or VR1. I notice the diesel stuff seems to last longer.
2011-09-29 22:59:33
Shell rotella for break in then T6
2011-09-30 02:38:48
UMS Tuning here recommended Castrol 20w 50 for break-in and Total Quartz 15-50 full synthetic.
2011-09-30 03:27:04
ok thanks guys! I ended up goin with castrol syntec 10w-40...after i finish with this set of oil, I was thinking about goin with mobil 1. I've never used valvoline as i was always under the impression that mobil 1 or castrol was better.I always used mobil 1 15w-50 but this was with older motors. It seems like i can only get castrol, mobil 1 or valvoline down here. Does anyone have personal experiences with the valvoline why they found it better to use, especially with a freshly rebuilt engine?
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2011-09-30 03:49:54
Mobil-1 is dogshit for a few years now.
2011-09-30 03:54:42
I've always trusted in Valvoline. I use 10-30 full synthetic in my turbo motor. Ive used mobil and castrol but found those to be watery/thin looking.
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