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Thread: Front Motor Mount?

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2008-03-26 05:01:01
Front Motor Mount?
I'm gonna be installing a turbo this year, and I've heard that everything fits right except the front motor mount. Just curious if one of the stock manifolds avoids this or if it isn't true? or what you need to do for it. I think I'm gonna be getting a u13 setup.

2008-04-03 16:47:41
There are only problems with avenir motors and that mount just because the compressor side is faced down. It is a simple problem to remedy just reclock the turbo (tap it with a mallet) If you go with a bluebird motor and turbo you shouldn't have any problems.

You may have problems with the upper oil pan contacting the crossmember. At this point you need to grind down the webbing on the oil pan (my personal choice. Or bash the crossmember to clear the pan. You may not have this issue with your car Im not sure on which cars don't have to do this
2008-04-03 16:53:31
If you do have issues you can always get a CS mount
2008-04-04 04:59:39
I have a u13 steup, and i just cut some of the motor mount, worked great. I also had to make custom ic piping cause noboby makes them, and bash the crossmember to clear the compessor outlet, but in the end i still have my windsheild wiper resivior. haha
2008-04-04 05:49:13
Custom Steel with a prothane insert FTW.
2008-04-04 06:00:12
i made my own front motor mount, i had to because im using the rwd sr setup and the downpipe wont clear the stock front motor mount bracket, i took my prothane mount out of my stock mount got some pieces of steel from a local welding shop, 1: steel tube that the bushing could be pressed into, 2: a piece of 1/4" X 1" wide flat steel and a peice of thick wall 1" total width tubing and just measured and made the cuts and welded, the peices didnt cost me anything, just the time which only took about an hour total to measure,cut, weld, drill and install.

i wanted to get the cs piece but i tried contacting them and no luck. but again thats a 150.00 piece. I had the bushing so i just made my own for free and it works awsome and is durable as hell.
2008-04-08 19:08:38
From what I understand, you will only run into problems with front motor mount clearance if you have a downward clocked turbo (i.e. W10 or W11 and some bluebirds.) If you go with a upward clocked turbo then you should have no issues.
2008-04-08 22:47:21
well its a w10 or u13 turbo not sure, and its going on my motor not getting a turbo motor. But I researched it a bit and seems like the front solid motor mount fits and if there is still a little issue you can get a 300zx compressor outlet pipe
2008-04-08 23:09:00
dont drive yourself crazy , clock the turbo to the position that will fit.

make the mod fit the car not the car fit the mod.

i have had a T25 , a T28 and a several T3 s never messed with the front mount.
2008-04-08 23:22:19
haha nice^ but I just don't wanna run the intercooler piping up top so I'm not messing with clocking it. and I've seen a few write ups about it, and just need the solid front mount and maybe something after that but the mount will be nice to have anyways.
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