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Thread: Precision 6765 vs GT3788,4088,4094< Now 6766 [/End Thread]

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2011-09-01 15:32:37
Precision 6765 vs GT3788,4088,4094< Now 6766 [/End Thread]
Doing Tons of research on the 6262 and the 6765 new precision billet turbo's. Now im really focussing on the 6765 right now. Most discussions of these vs the garretts come from Honda, Evo , Rotary and Supra forums, I havent seen much comparisons here but there are a few guys thats either trying them or going to try them.
This turbo on an SR20 will perform different of course but the thing is most of the 4 cylinder guys (Evo and Honda), claim it to be too laggy of a turbo to make say 600-700hp and ''best you go with a 6262'', we with our VVL setup's I believe, is very different, as to how the 6765 will respond if we want to make 600+ and have some room for more.
Now lets get to the interesting part , Size comparison's , of course the PT6262 is like a GT35R but what about the 6765 , In my opinion its between a gt37r and a Garrett 4088 which is perfect, Help me if im wrong, Alot of people are saying a 6765 is closer to a 4094, check it out , correct me if im wrong please:

PT6765 Compressor Inducer 67mm Exducer 87.5mm, Turbine Inducer 74mm Exducer 65mm

GT3788 Compressor Inducer 63.5mm Exducer 88mm, Turbine Inducer 72mm Exducer 65mm

GT4088 Compressor Inducer 63.5mm Exducer 88mm, Turbine Inducer 77mm Exducer 68mm

GT4094 Compressor Inducer 67.5mm Exducer 94mm, Turbine Inducer 77mm Exducer 68mm

My opinion is the onliest big difference is the compressor inducer of the 6765 being 3.5mm bigger than gt37's one and this should wha? suck slightly more air lol? the turbine wheel is almost same as a 37r 72mm, but its much smaller than the gt40 series 77mm wheel.

Your probably more experienced/knowledgeable views?
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2011-09-01 15:54:58
I almost ran a 6765 .....I dont think the 6262 is to laggy at all ...it has pretty brutal power delivery though ....after 4k all hell breaks loose
2011-09-01 15:59:35
^ I agree.
2011-09-01 16:12:09
awaits the 6765-ers
2011-09-01 16:16:48
I have a 6765 but I haven't driven the car yet to let you know.
2011-09-01 18:04:22
GT4088r has some good results here. The 94r is decent, but works a lot better with the GT42r turbine.

The 6765 is pretty big. The compressor is quite a bit larger in ratio to the turbine. Just remember it takes power to drive big compressors, and larger turbines make it more efficient.

Still, hard to argue with the results. The GT37r is decent, but most people just go GT4088r.
2011-09-01 18:10:01
Im going to be using the 6765, t4 .81 turbine housing. Good for well over 800whp on a 67mm turbo, its laggy but im not looking for response. Im looking for a powerband from about 6k to 9500-10,000 rpm. which is plenty and that turbo will flow very very well in that range making power all the way to it with the large turbine housing.

I prefer the 6765 due to price vs the GT series turbo. I dont need a BB turbo plus the journal bearing is rebuildable very cheaply if something happens. 6765 is a great turbo, makes great power but yes, is laggy in comparison for two reasons, larger compressor and smaller turbine wheel. But flows a lot more and will give me the powerband im looking for very easily.
2011-09-01 18:22:24
Originally Posted by nissan
I almost ran a 6765 .....I dont think the 6262 is to laggy at all ...it has pretty brutal power delivery though ....after 4k all hell breaks loose

2011-09-01 20:37:48
2011-09-01 22:52:44
yeh Coheed, that sheet will be a laggy mofo, the 6768 is more like a gt4094, not the 6765 , the 6768 is compressor inducer 67mm exducer 87.5mm and turbine inducer 77mm exducer 68mm , why does people compare the 6765 to the 4094
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