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Thread: Rings? Gasket? Valve seals? Or what?

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2011-08-29 00:29:43
Rings? Gasket? Valve seals? Or what?
I have a gtir engine install About 3 or 4 months ago running fine pulls really strong got it dyno tune n ran it at the track on 12 psi whiling running

Now it is smoking super bad I noticed that my hood was cover n oil saw that the bov is dumping oil out n I looked at the compression side there was oil that came up half way of the turbo wheel and on the exhaust side there oil dripping from my down pipe (dp has been scraped n now has a hole that's how I noticed the oil dripping from the exhaust side)

I rebuilt the turbo using a t25/t28 turbo rebuild kit I bought from EBay got the turbo wheel re balance and install /cleaned out all piping n intercooler

Now it still smoke but not as bad when start up it idles fine no smoke drives fine but when driving right when my turbo starting to boost it starts to smoke / smokes gets worst the faster or more i press down on gas pedal if I let go of
the gas pedal it stops smoking so not sure if my turbo is still bad now I don't know whether I have a bad head gasket or bad piston rings any one had this probl before please feel free to home me in or tell your story if you've overcome these problems

Also there's alot of pressure in my crank case when pull the dip stick it would shoot oil out not alot but Ivan see oil comin out not enoughto shoot the dipstick out by itself I check the Pcv valve was good but replace it anyways I have a oil catchcan

Also my car has n never overheated but I have to top off my radiator after a long drive bc it would spit coolant to te overflow and it would actiluall come out of the over flow tank this happens everytime I drive it for longer than 30 to 40 minute

I did a compression check 1 /2 r good 150 165 3 /4 not so good 60 90 but idles fine not lopey sounds or like as if it's mis firing still pulls strong I still get 12 lbs boost n still lose traction 2nd gear

When motor was install I replaced the head gasket with cometic metal hg n put brand new arp head stud torques it accordingly to the manual was wondering am I suppose to go back an retorque it after a certain mile of driving it

And yes I've searched but everyone says something different some says rings some says hg some says bent valves? So I'm lost what do you guys think thank you

Last question will I be able to run my car if I took the turbo n manifold off n put na headers on it (this is to see if it's my turbo that's bad before I actually take it to get it rebuild professionally)

This is pretty stock motor
Jwt ecu 3bar
Z32 maf
Bc dual spring n retainer
Gresdy bov
Gresdy boost controller
6spd transmission swap
Stock top mount intercooler
2011-08-29 01:14:45
Hard to say, are you losing oil at all or is the dipstick still full? will it over heat if you don't build boost when driving?
2011-08-29 01:44:58
Before the rebuild I was losing alot of oil now after the rebuild I don't notice any loss of oil and no it doesn't over heat haven't drove it long enough to where it boils over
2011-08-29 02:10:51
Well if your not losing oil I would rule out the rings, Did you over rev it? could also be a bad headgasket. You would have to pull the head to find out for sure.
2011-08-29 02:49:28
My car does not Hav rev limited but I've tooked it up 8.5 numerous times I don't know it's down to bad head gasket or rings I'll keep every one posted
2011-08-29 03:06:07
Stock valve springs in the GtiR?

2011-08-29 03:17:39
Nope I have bc dual valve spring n titanium retainers
2011-08-29 03:36:34
Yeah I saw that after I posted it.
2011-08-29 05:10:53
um you have bad comp in two cylinders so thats obviously fucked

sounds like your pressurising your crank case big time

pushing coolant into the overflow is a great sign of a bad headgasket

sounds like your turbo is also not so good

I think you should step away from the wrench for a little bit
2011-08-29 05:36:11
Bad compression is the sign of some broken pistons. How does the turbine wheel look? have you taken the housing off and looked at it?
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