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Thread: 5k idle completely stumped

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2008-03-23 06:04:45
5k idle completely stumped
i am getting a 5k rpm idle, and CANNOT locate the source of this problem

my tps isnt reading any volts, however im not sure if the tps being bad would effect the map sensor?

the throttle body is closed and the aac valve isnt leaking, im getting around -20 vacuum, i cannt find the problem

could it be a stuck open air regulator? or could the tps really cause a idle like that
2008-03-23 18:40:41
anyone? i am getting 100% throttle readings all the timeeven tho thethrottle body is closed and im also etting a negative engine load of -8 which leads meto believe its either the map sensor or tps, however the car is full functionial withtiming and boost so i dont know that its the map sensor for sure... but could the tps realy cause idling to be that high?

to idle that high there has to be a major Fing poblem to draw in that kinda air to idle that high its insane.

ive also tried 3different aac valves and none of them change the way they reacti have also cleaned and rebuilt ll 3 of them with different motors and i have not gotten any ood results.
2008-03-23 21:37:57
Sounds like your aac valve is the problem.Worn out spring in some models can cause
that problem.
2008-03-24 06:10:46
i would behard to believe that 3 aac valves are bad, and i talkedwith my tuner and he said it would be hard to get the ar to idle at 5k even with the aac valve wide open
2008-03-24 07:38:18
TPS, maybe? If you're not reading ANY volts, it's GOT to be the TPS malfunctioning. You should read .46v with key in acc position, and about 1v at idle. If you read nothing, you need to replace it, or at least test to determine if it's your ECU that's causing the problem.
2008-03-24 08:27:00
It seems like it's got to be more than just a sensor issue. You can only idle at 5k if you have enough air and fuel to run the engine at 5k... sounds like a leak or something. Tekkie is certainly right about your TPS though, at least resolve that issue and then see what happens.

Actually I just thought of something else too. Check your throttle adjustment and make sure its fully closed when you're off the gas. In fact sometimes even having the cable tweaked wrong can cause it to open. Happened to me after I installed a new chain tensioner and I freaked out before realizing that's what it was. Idled at 4-5k or something.
2008-03-24 08:45:13
Yeah check the throttle cable make sure its not stuck. Thats my first guess.
2008-03-24 18:33:08
ok he tps is working now, but the problem is still there

would a eader gasket cause high idle like this? i am getting compressor surge at the 5k rpm, which would tell me that there has to be some kind of backpressure causeing the air to seep out causing compressor surge. i could see how the ecu might compinsate air and fuel for the lack of header comressing forthe turbo?

i noticed like some blackish fuel **** by #4 port by the gasket, do yoguys think a blownmanifold gasket could cause this?
2008-03-24 18:43:40
it could also explain the reson i am seeing a negative engine load becuase of the gasket?
2008-03-24 19:31:42
The problem is, if there is a leak, it's got to be in your system internally or something. Unmetered vacuum leaks usually cause the engine to die rather than rev up more.

It doesn't seem very likely that a leak of that size and that location could cause a 5k idle. You checked the throttle then? It still really seems like the only way lol.

Sorry for the noob question but what do you mean by compressor surge? That the pressure in the mani is higher than the turbo speed can maintain for the given conditions and it's surging back out of the turbo? I thought that's what it was but I don't remember.
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