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Thread: flywheel bolt torque...please read

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2011-08-19 18:42:03
lol yeah thats some pretty amazing shear due to torque
2011-08-19 19:27:35
I don't know where I heard they were torque to yield, but I can't find any good info on it so I'm gunna stop mentioning it. They are (highly) likely not torque-to-yield. =/
2011-08-20 03:33:44
main and head bolts are torqued to yield.

other bolts are torqued in accordance to their material properties or "grade" etc.
2011-08-20 15:15:38
They are re-tourqued within spec, clutch is going in, completing install today. Gotta find me the clutch torque specs now....
2011-08-20 15:33:43
Pressure plate bolt torque spec is 16-22 ft-lbs. (22-29 Nm)
I have the FSM open to the page right now.

And now that I'm looking at it... I see why I torqued my flywheel bolts to 90 ft-lbs. I remembered the FSM said to torque to 90-something. It was just 83-93 Newton-meters, not ft-lbs.
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2011-08-20 15:33:45
Just cut to the chase and called the local nissan who said torque to 14lbs then 22lbs. Hope they ain't messin with me. A quick google search yielded similar numbers so I'll roll with it.
2011-08-20 15:34:31
Ha! Ben, posted at the same time...you are correct as usual 
2011-08-20 15:46:49
Correction! Wrong damn clutch! The PP is too small, won't bolt to the flywheel. I'm pretty devastated at this point...sigh.
2011-08-20 15:59:15
2011-08-20 16:40:59
I ordered a clutchmasters fx400 6 puck through a vendor on amazon, my buddy offered to pay half as a birthday gift and he gets 10% discount and free shipping on amazon. HorsepowerFreak, the vendor, originally shipped a 4 puck. They said the PP is the same and to hang on to it and send everything else back. Cool, accidents happen.

Upon re-delivery they failed to include the TO bearing and alignment tool. After 2 weeks of non response I ordered the TOB from Nissan and dug out my alignment tool from a few years back. Now today, it's just simply the wrong clutch PERIOD. I get nothing but random BS and Japanese writing when googling the part number on the clutch. SIGH!
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