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Thread: 12,000 miles on JWT clutch w/t25

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2011-08-19 15:31:24
Originally Posted by 93specv
I only dragged the car on two occasions, avoiding the wet box at every line up. Hot street tires just become more slick defeating any hopes for a solid launch. Otherwise, yes ofcourse I drove my car! Thats what I built it for, boost!

If the forums were like Facebook, rockwood you sir would certainly be deleted and blocked. just because you obviously had a good experience and seem to be some kind of unofficial expert on flywheels, gives you the right to disrespect me? assclowns like you are why I am rarely ever on this forum anymore. If you read all the posts here in this thread alone, you'd read you are the minority here. DO NOT tell me how I drove my car when you never sat shotgun. I've explained my driving habits, contradict If you will. IMO, this clutch was a pile of shit and is OBVIOUS why jwt doesnt make it anymore!

Just because you had a bad experience, and seem to be some kind of unofficial expert on flywheels, gives you the right to disrespect JWT? Assclowns like you are why I'm rarely ever on this forum anymore.

Funny how the Internet works, huh?

Reading back through this, I see a bunch of people asking if you installed it correctly, another who has run the exact same clutch with no issues, another who did have issues, and Ben's link, which looks like a good explanation of what may have happened, but I think must also be taken with a grain of salt since it's a vendor's site.

I'm posting my experience, which gave me the same exact results as yours. However, when I noticed the problem, I fixed it. I didn't make a thread complaining about JWT and how their clutch didn't work backwards.

It does not take an expert to see how torched your flywheel is, good sir. JWT agrees that the clutch was abused. Like I said, I've never, ever in all my years of SE-R transaxle destruction (and it's a lengthy history) seen that kind of hot-spotting on a flywheel. This includes a flywheel that saw some serious heat when I accidentally shifted from 1st to 4th at WOT and burned up for a block (I thought it was wheelspin, whoops) with my big setup. I've done plenty of stupid things back in my day, but I've never attempted to get someone else to pay for it. Failing that attempt, I also didn't gripe about it on a public forum.

JWT probably doesn't make it anymore for the same reason they stopped developing SR20 parts in general: not as much money in it. If the clutches were languishing on the shelves, would you expect them to pay for more when they finally ran out?

Either way, in all my years with SE-Rs, I keep going back to JWT because they've gone the extra mile to help me. Obviously, YMMV, but there's a reason they've got the reputation they do in the SE-R community.

We're running that exact clutch and flywheel setup on our racecar, which has been roadracing (read WOT for an hour or more at a time, and lots of shifts at WOT) for about as many miles over the last 5 years and still going strong. I'm going to venture a guess and say that when I finally retire it, our flywheel won't have anywhere near the burn marks on it that yours does.
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2011-08-20 15:18:06
Shawn: lol! Always make me laugh bro 

Ben: sooner or later your opinion always counts with me! 
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