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Thread: 12,000 miles on JWT clutch w/t25

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2011-08-13 17:15:28
12,000 miles on JWT clutch w/t25

2011-08-13 17:43:38
2011-08-13 18:35:01
Someone didnt drive it right then. lol. My buddies nx has a jwt clutch setup in it that has been in the car for about 50k miles. 34k boosted with a t25 and t28 and its still in the car and still in great shape and has never slipped once under all the abuse its been through. And those 34k miles boosted were absolute hell. Never a day that was taking it easy on the car.
2011-08-13 19:08:04
Maybe a bad install? I find the way you do the install really matters. The wear surfaces on the disc look funny as well as the springs the spring housings and the flywheel so it was system wide which points to installer error to me.

How many psi are you pushing anyway? 14+ will probably eat a clutch especially if its spiking. Better burning those than the tranny imo.

JWT is a company that will usually provide good customer srvice though so see what they say.
2011-08-13 19:20:54
Shouldnt burn up on 14psi on a t25 either. Buddies car ran 10psi to start, then 14, then on a t28 at 10psi and then to 15psi. Again 50k miles on a clutch in a car thats been abused as much as his is pretty good in my eyes and again the disk is still in great shape. Something went wrong or you seriously cant drive.
2011-08-13 23:25:27
Yes but Ashton as always is the case... we must remind you that we aren't talking about your car or your buddies car... we are talking about ^^^ this guys car. Prob need his answers for those questions but you could make a small sub-thread about this other car. That would be cool.
2011-08-13 23:31:16
What questions would those be. I didnt see any questions. I just gave a personal experience. Being that Im the one that worked on my buddies car and know how its held up. Which has been perfect. Nothing wrong with sharing. I stated that something was obviously wrong either he cant drive, got something on the clutch before installing it, or clutch cable too tight causing it to not hold and slip.

Nothing wrong with me sharing experience.
2011-08-14 03:10:18
Full on JWT clutch or just the flywheel/pressure plate? That Exedy part # NSD109U pulls up as an OEM clutch disk.
2011-08-14 03:54:30
Yeah and it looks like one of those kevlar disks. If so those disks are junk and wear really fast anyways. Get a street/strip disk and be done. It will last a hell of a lot longer.
2011-08-14 06:09:18
Were the dowel pins installed with the trans? If not that's your problem.

Seems like this issue comes up once a month.
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