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Thread: Head gasket

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2011-08-10 22:27:26
Head gasket
What head gasket are you guys using? theres alot of them just wondering which one is the best
2011-08-13 14:28:24
I will be using a OEM VE metal headgasket on my w10 motor when the time comes. I heard it was one of the good ones and its only $75 from gspec.com. But others have different preferences. Some get the mazworx and cosworth headgaskets as well. If you search there are a lot of answers. I know it will be hard to know which one since everyone experienced different ones.
2011-08-13 15:06:31
Apexi is another good one.
2011-08-13 15:19:44
Originally Posted by THE_FUGITIVE
Apexi is another good one.

Saw the aluminum on the block and head melted away, gasket was unharmed and still sealed like a bad ass. Definately worth it if you're pushing it.
2011-08-13 16:19:47
The oem ve metal head gasket can't be beat for the price.
2011-08-13 17:07:51
^yeah the price is right on the oem ve if your not pushing it too much. I'm running a cosworth and its over double the price. Around 165 if i remember correctly
2011-08-13 18:38:24
For de/det motors I prefer the Cosworth headgasket. Its quality is right up there with the PE gasket offered by Mazworx but at half the cost. Awesome sealing properties, perfect alignment and machining. 157.00 to my door shipped from FRsport.com and really wish they made a VE gasket but they dont. So im going with a PE gasket on my VE-T

But for the price the oem ve metal gasket is pretty good as well.
2011-08-13 18:48:06
So the OEM VE head gasket will fit the DE? I thought the heads were a little different?
2011-08-13 19:23:37
They are but the ve gasket still fits. The only difference is the oil port hole for the vvl. The de block doesnt have it so it doesnt matter. Everything else lines up perfectly the same.
2011-08-13 19:31:49
^^^Ok cool man thanks. I was going to get a cometic, but greg said OEM metal is good stuff, and a little cheaper. My invoice said VVL 20V, and I was like huh? lol. Thanks for the info.
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