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Thread: Gauge Preference

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2011-08-08 23:08:01
Gauge Preference
So i bought some ebay gauges and a wideband aem gauge from craiglists and got completely screwed (lesson learned). anyways wanted to know whats a good brand of gauges to buy. I need a wideband, boost with vac and oil pressure. Dont want to spend ridiculous money but I do know that i will have to spend something. I was looking at depo gauges, wanted to know if these were good or bad or if there something better out there?
2011-08-10 02:47:45
i have prosport peak/warning gauges and love them....and also aem wieband
2011-08-10 14:28:32
I just took a look at them the look like the depo gauges im interested in. They also have a wide band and the prices seem good i might just get these pro sport ones in stead. Thanks
2011-08-10 19:23:55
I prefer the AEM series of gauges. Look nice, easy to read digital display w/ sweeping indicator as well.
2011-08-10 19:35:29
I have an AEM Uego 4100 wide band now. it looks nice but im not getting accurate readings from it that's why i was thinking bout depo or prosport. I may just even go with auto meter also, they make a wide band too from what i saw
2011-08-10 19:38:53
i was reading about depo theres not to many reviews on them but for the ones i saw they seem to be good and i read the same thing about prosport minus the rx7 forum. I see alot of ppl uses the aem gauges and you can get them cheap from eBay new but all the trouble this one cause me i dont even want to bother with them
2011-08-10 20:06:58
Most wideband gauges are either right on or way off. They have to be calibrated every once in a while, could be from every few hours of driving to once a month depending on fuel used and condition. I have some old sunpro gauges for boost/vacuum, I have an afx wideband which I dont use anymore and that is it.
2011-08-10 20:09:02
that could probably be it then i never calibrated it. i put it on the car and i tried to tune the car based on the readings and it threw my whole tune off.
2011-08-10 20:18:06
My afx when calibrated was still .7 off, never was on point. I just ended tuning my car on a dyno. I just used the afx to tune dd just adjusted forthe .7or so it was off.
2011-08-10 20:22:20
yeah what mines is doing is it ready 14.8 and the min you rev it blanks out. the car right now is running so rich it floods the spark plugs and shuts off so i cant even make it to a dyno shop
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