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Thread: radalin

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2011-08-08 13:35:33
Ok I have been hearing some radaling I thought that I was my dump tube but no. Then I thought it was my radiator but it wasn't. Then I though it was a bolt on my manifold but no. I can not figure it out and it givin me a headace. I won't here it till I get to about 2700 to 3200 rpms and the noise doesn't go away or get worse as I get to higher rpms. I don't feel a power lose so I dont think it internal. Any input or ideas would be great thanks
2011-08-08 17:06:43
Post up a video with sound.
2011-08-08 17:52:35
Ill try don't know if ill be able to
2011-08-08 18:38:07
Is it coming from the motor or the chassis?
2011-08-08 18:39:50
high RPM knock like that MIGHT be signs of worn engine bearing that has gotten damaged due to low oil pressure. Not saying that's the case, since I do not have a good description of it, but... high RPM rattling is usually the case if everything in the exhaust is tight.
2011-08-08 20:09:11
If its a worn bearing how would go about replacing it?
2011-08-08 20:24:30
Thread title had me thinking.

In actually we have.
2011-08-09 01:30:18
2011-08-09 04:28:54
lmao I was thinking the same thing!
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