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Thread: T28 External Waste Gate Dump? FWD

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2011-08-08 05:04:38
T28 External Waste Gate Dump? FWD
Are there any vendors that make an external waste gate dump for my gtir T28 set up on my classik SE-R?

2011-08-08 05:24:20
probably should pm them individually for a faster response.
2011-08-08 07:00:40
Oh wow, Turbofx.net has one, but they want $300! I think im going to hit the drawing board and try to fab my own.
2011-08-08 12:44:15
Up until TurboFX stepped to the plate a couple months ago, we've not had anything like that produced for our cars ever. It has been tried a couple times but each time the company couldn't do it. $300 is what it will take to make that item profitable. I have also fabbed my own, and frankly, I'd pay the $300 next time around. TurboFX does great work.
2011-08-08 13:27:54
Benfenner, did you use the same concept as turbofx? I noticed they had a tig weld right at the critical point in the bend. I was going to use a mandrel bent donut. I'm sure someone has used it before. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the product. Pretty good for making those "impossible" bends happen in small places, while keeping a high flow rate. I also don't have to work around A/C. Any words of experience before i try.
2011-08-08 13:35:40
Every part of my build is chronicled in the link in my signature. There's a table of contents at the beginning of the thread where I searched "downpipe" and came up with update #53 "Downpipe fabrication".

Clicked the link, and it sent me to Post #270 in my thread where I have pics and descriptions of the downpipe I made in excruciating detail.

No, I didn't do it like TurboFX did. I went with a much different design. However, if I had to do it all again, I'd likely go with TurboFX's solution. It's much nicer to be able to have two pieces. The outlet pipe and the downpipe when servicing the engine. Mine being all one large piece is sort of annoying. I wish I had more flanges for sure. I don't think you'll find a better flowing full T28 exhaust though. I haven't seen one.

I do believe the picture of TurboFX's GTi-R turbo exhaust outlet is of a prototype and the rest of their outlets have pie cuts instead of just one sharp angle. I thought they'd be redesigning the GTi-R one to have the pie cuts as well. Something tells me they would like to redesign it that way anyway. I wonder if you ask them what they'd say about a redesign.

They have other solutions I'm sure they'd be willing to make. Are you insistent on a wastegate dump? You're looking for that sound? What about their simpler "bellmouth" design? They'd make one for the GTi-R if you'd ask I bet. It's much simpler and likely cheaper.
Or you could try asking for a divorced and recirculated wastegate design to keep noise levels down?
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2011-08-08 13:52:18
I dont like the "Pie Cut" design they have at all. I dont see the point, when they could have one smooth pipe, flange to flange, using a portion of a mandrel donut. Using the mandrel donut would almost garantee quicker production PER unit, and a cleaner appearance IMO.

I have made custom external dumps for other applications before. My main reasons for making my own dump are as follows; $300 is absolutely a ridiclous price for the performance gains, I wasn't impressed with the product itself, and my T28 is getting tossed after the end of the summer. Plus i think im going to route the waste gate dump right out by the Passenger Front Wheel Well. Ha ha maybe a little overkill, but I cant wait to see some of the facial expressions im going to get with that one...
2011-08-08 13:58:27
Originally Posted by Stariondriver75
I dont like the "Pie Cut" design they have at all. I dont see the point, when they could have one smooth pipe, flange to flange, using a portion of a mandrel donut. Using the mandrel donut would almost garantee quicker production PER unit, and a cleaner appearance IMO.
I talked to them about it in their thread. The radius on their bend is 2.25" on the 2.25" diameter pipe. That is exactly what you'd get from a metal doughnut. And the bend really does have to be that tight. They are trying to clear the A/C unit. So pie cuts or an expensive cast piece is the only right way to do it.

If you're handy with a welder, then it sounds like your needs are specific enough that you should probably make your own. I can help you find the flange(s) you'll need.

As for the price/performance. 10% WHP gain for going with a divorced wategate seems completely reasonable for $300.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2011-08-08 at 19-41-02.
2011-08-08 19:28:01
You can use a "J" bend out of mild steel from Summit Racing and get more radius in the bend, if you don't have A/C, and even more if you relocate your alt ( this will make a side dump out the front fender just a straight tube .

On my t25 I merged my wastegate tube but here is another design to think about. I was thinking about running both pipes straight out of the front fender for a while. That would have literally been a small angle down at the exducer and then both pipes running straight out in front of the wheel. (pipes are 2.25 and 1.5 in diameter)
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2011-08-08 20:06:46
I think Javier has stated :

Originally Posted by javierb14
CLR (center line radius) on the 90 bends used are 1D, which means it is 1 X tube diameter...the 2.25 bend has a 2.25 CLR. CLR on the donuts is 1D as well...you would end up with the same exact angles/bends if you used a donut. Tighter radii require "pie" or "miter" cuts on tubing. If you know someone with a die set that is sub 1D, let me know


They really stepped up to the plate for us like most dont even begin to and started getting parts built fast..
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