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Thread: Think I went with too big of a turbo...

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2011-10-19 17:43:39
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
it probably had to do with clearnace issues using the garrett chra by the looks of it. Looks like everything was a tight fit. Or you overtorqued the compressor wheel nut.

I really doubt I overtightened it, I actually think I might have undertightened it. The compressor wheel and the rod was about the same, but the nut was in a different location (from my previous balance markings).

Originally Posted by ashtonsser

You can rebuild that turbo no problem. Get yourself a rebuild kit with a 360 deg thrust bearing and rebuild that thing using the precision housing. Having coolant running through the turbo is not as big of a help as you think.

I'm tempted to rebuild it, but I will have to get the wheel rebalanced. I'm also tempted to just get Coheeds 3076r
2011-10-20 04:48:16
running water isn't a requirement, but helps prevent coking of the oil when shut down while hot. Helps to extend turbo life.

But as long as you have an cooldown period after running it hard, you will be fine.
2011-10-20 23:34:02
I've run nissan turbos without water cooling for ages without a prob.
2011-10-20 23:54:04
same here, all the de+t setups ive done except one i didnt use the coolant lines. All its for is longevity but if you do a proper shutdown anyways it doesnt matter. The coolant lines are a pain to do and just adds more things to go wrong
2011-10-21 02:29:49
Thing is this is my daily, thus I need the added reliability. Plus if my wife drives it or someone else they might remember to do a proper cooldown.
2011-10-21 02:37:02
Lol @ daily.

Rethink it next time... I learned my lesson.
2011-10-21 02:46:41
Originally Posted by Wayne
Lol @ daily.

Rethink it next time... I learned my lesson.

yeah, he should ve the p11 and get something awd so he can track like a monster!
2011-10-21 02:51:11
Amen... STi forester ftw
2011-10-21 02:53:58
Originally Posted by Wayne
Amen... STi forester ftw

he needs something that handles, like a GTIR!! lol
2011-10-21 03:37:17
You can totally do it without water V. And shutting it down a couple times... is your wife really going to drive it that hard?

But really, it takes a while for that sludge to build up in the turbo. And while the coolant does help prevent it, it isn't really that necessary. I'd say it would probably be more necessary on ball bearing turbos. Since the ball bearings can likely heat up and expand too much if not kept cool... but I don't hear of that being the case.
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