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Thread: WTF...Gas in vacuum hoses

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2011-08-12 20:47:11
Lucky for me i've never had any boost leaks. Instead stupid shit like this happens. I took the injectors out a little over 2 weeks ago. Noticed 3 of 4 lower o-rings where torn. So i put on o-rings that seemed to fit. But after pulling them all out 1 other one was about to do the same thing. I'm thinking the o-rings i used were not very good.
2011-08-19 03:34:38
Well got 4 used injectors. Now i have to tap the gas to get it to start. It will idle fine. Give it gas anything over 2000 RPM and when ya let off it backfires a few times lightly and dies. Then it doesnt wanna start for a bit, again only when i give it gas. So the fun never ends. I'm thinking a sensor possibly got hit with gas and is acting up. The A/F guage was full rich when it was running. It would go up to normal very slowly. But then drop back. Every time i had to restart it the A/F dropped to full rich. Odd.
2011-08-24 21:41:26
Got the car running better. Decided to take it for a ride. Blew the fuel pump fuse 4 times on a 2 mile round trip. Doesn't blow right away when you turn the key. Twice it blew when cruising. Twice when i gave it gas. Just before the injector broke i started having to raise the fuel pressure to stop the car from running lean. When the injector went i figured that was the cause. But now i'm wondering if the fuel pump is going.
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