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Thread: oil pump

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2011-08-03 12:51:26
oil pump
I was wondering what was better for a 300hp turbo set up a sr20de oil pump or or a sr20ve oil pump?
2011-08-03 12:58:57
VE pump has much more flow volume and much higher pressure. It is a good upgrade. Don't forget the matching pick-up tube and pulley/spacer situation.

And don't forget to check the chain oiler pin. If it is easy to remove, then you'll want to remove it, and re-seat it with red loctite. The higher pressure of the VE pump has been known to push that pin out.
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2011-08-03 15:33:15
Would I have to remove that cover be behind the pully or could I just replace the pully and spacer and the pump (that's the tube that's in the oil pan right?) And this could all be done while the engine is still inn the car right?
2011-08-03 15:53:02
The cover behind the pulley is the oil pump (basically).
I wouldn't even begin to imagine trying to do this with with the engine in the car. You're going to have to remove the lower and upper oil pan, the crank pulley, more than likely the water pump pulley too.
It is probably possible to do it with the engine still in the car. It is just going to be really annoying.
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2011-08-03 16:19:23
Dam ok thanks for your help
2011-08-04 04:53:29
Yeah I swapping the oil pump in car is a pain in the ass but it's do-able. You don't have to touch the water pump but you do risk a leaky head gasket if you don't pull the head and put in a new head gasket at the same time.

Also make sure you find the right pick up tube if you do do the pump swap. You have to get the GTI-R if you have a DET and the VE if you have a DE or non AWD style oil pan.
2011-08-04 07:05:01
The DE pump is not very good. Just saying.

The VE pump is much much better. Not perfect, but as good as could be expected. Much better improvement over the standard DE/DET pump.
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